Colorado Skies

You have to love those Colorado Skies. Looking over some old photos on Facebook and the crazy weather/skies we got there. Sure do miss that about Colorado. Jon Chandler got it right when he wrote this great song.


Auntie Em..


From our office window at the Attorney General’s Office


This is really what Jon was singing about..


from our office






After the Storm

We had a great thunderstorm yesterday, pretty much all day.  Had a tornado watch for about an hour, a LOT of hail (most that I've ever seen)  and great storm clouds.

Here's a few photos I took after the strorms stopped (in our area)


and a video of the hailstorm during the tornado watch.

71 degrees out

It was 71 degrees today, the flowers are blooming, its a beautiful day out,   Tonites weather report says that they are expecting 5-12" of snow on Monday.  It better not snow much as I'm shooting Chelsea and Robert's wedding on Saturday.  It will be the first wedding of the season for me and I'm very excited to be their photographer.   Robert is graduating from College this spring and his Reserve Unit is going to Iraq, so their wedding will be a very special day.  Here's a little collage of the engagement photos I took of them.


I guess its spring!


Flowers in the yard are sprouting already.  We've got flowers that we planted 18 months ago resprouting already.   I think this means that the summer will be awfully hot, we've had no rain/snow to speak of, I think we shoveled the driveway 3x this year.  This photo was from Thanksgiving and I think that was the biggest snow we got. 

Its nice that we didn't have a blizzard or anything, but the winter has been so wierd here.   Last year it was not bad either.  Two years ago when the house was being built they had the 2 blizzards back to back, and it snowed every weekend from Christmas till February 20th, as every weekend I tried coming out to see the house progression and it was snowing so I didn't come out.


this was taken 1/15/07 when the house was being built.  We've never had snow this bad.

Its really windy today.  One thing they have here is wind!  Janis was out watering the grass yesterday and today as its in high 60s.  The grass is dormant but we want it dormant not "dead"  The sprinklers don't even get turned on until April 11th or something.

First snow!

First snow of the year!   these were just some quick ones - didnt stay outside enuff for the camera to adjust to the cold ..


I have to go out and get some new tires for the SUV - can't even get up my driveway .. i didn;t realize they were so worn.. We hadn’t gotten all weather tires in California!