Grandkids in Vegas!

Grandkids came out for a visit as Jenn came out to see Cher in concert. Sophia is 5 mo old in6 days.


Sophia age 5mo

Derik is getting so grown, talking much better, and is such flirt.




Nana and the grandkids


Ryan and Sophia

It was a good visit, 3 whole days, which is a lot for them, since they are working so hard. They got barck home on Saturday night, and spent the day on Sunday with Bert and Selma at the beach. Monday was first day officially of the new year of school, even though they’ve been going to preschool all summer.

Its still worth a photo, which Jenn shared with us.


Aurora, Sophia at 3 months old, huge earthquake, and jury duty.

The boys were out of school this week, so we had the chance to go out to watch them and Sophia. Ryan and Derek were out of school, Irene just took a few days off so we could watch them. We had to go to Temecula and drop Phil off since we still had him at our house. Aurora was very playful and friendly. Sh likes to make fish faces.


Fish face

Since we were watching Sophia, we couldn’t go to the park or go bowling, which Derek and Ryan really like to do, but we forgot our bowling shoes anyway, so that was good. We let the kids play out in the yard, and Janis bought them a new toy, an inflatable ball that squirts water out. We blew it up and they went out to the backyard and played with it and liked it a lot.

Sophia enjoyed watching them while sitting on Nana.

Sophia loved to laugh and smile. She was very happy. Here’s some new pictures of her.

We loved spending time with them. I forgot that I had Jury Duty scheduled for July 5th. I called on the 4th and they said that I had to go, so it was either drive all night on the 4th and be there downtown at July 4th, I got a real ad cold (IN TWO DAYS) and wasn’t going to be able to go to court even if I was in Vegas, We ended up not driving, and calling in the morning and they said they will give me another summons for a month out, and to make sure I will go to that one.

While we out there, Ridgecrest which is about 150 miles out in the desert north of Barstow, had a huge earthquake. The first one was 6.4 We felt it in the living room, Ryan and Derek were in their bedroom and didn’t feel it. Jenn called them out to the living room and explained what was happening. Derek was frightened when he felt it, Ryan seemed ok. On the 5th while Ryan and Derek were with Irene, there was a much longer, rolling quake. This one seemed stronger and lasted over a minute. Compared to the 6.4, it was at least a 7 (IMO). We were watching the Dodger game while it was going on, and the shaking of the cameras were visible. Janis said that it made her nauseous and dizzy for about an hour afterwards. That was confirmed as a 7.1 right after hit happened, but then was downgraded to a 6.9. It was later upgraded back to a 7.1. Thankfully perhaps, that it happened in the desert in a vary underpopulated area. It was crazy that everyone back east were going crazy, my cousin Rosemary kept on facebook asking if we were alright after each aftershock.


The boys and their toys!!

Dinner with TKB!

We had dinner with a partner of mine at ESPD.  Tim and I had so much fun working together. We just laughed while we arrested people!   

He was here in Vegas doing a kitchen remodel and we ate dinner together one night.  Was just like old times.  

I took my blood pressure when we got home and it was the lowest it has ever been. Janis said that Tim has to live with us!   



Using the Pool July 21, 2018

Jenn, Neiil, Midori, came out for the weekend and we had a great time at the pool. Jenn and Neil were here to do a photobooth at the Park MGM hotel, (their company).

While they were working, Midori and the kids and us went to Mandalay Hotel Aquarium Nice aquarium, had a shark reef where the sharks swim right over us. Lots of sharks!

While they were working, Midori and the kids and us went to Mandalay Hotel Aquarium Nice aquarium, had a shark reef where the sharks swim right over us. Lots of sharks!

60th Birthday Surprise Party

My daughter Jennifer sure can plan an event. I had no idea there was going to be a surprise 60th birthday party at her house, since my birthday was on the 31st, it made it even bigger surprise. My brother Jack came out from Dallas, and few friends from El Segundo PD came.

She had a blackjack table set up, and lots of food. Great time had by all!

Happy Halloween 2017!

Happy Halloween 2017 and 60th birthday to me. Had a good time with the grandkids walking the neighborhood.

Retirement Party - Mitch Tavera

My academy partner and friend Mitch Tavera retired as Chief of Police and I went out to the party. It was great seeing a lot of co-workers and reminicing. Here’s an academy graduation picture of Mitch and I along with Chris Barrett, who was shot and paralyzed in the line of duty. I actually took Chris’s spot on the roster when he retired and I promoted from a PSO.

When the Northridge earthquake happened in 1994, There were 4 Sergeants from El Segundo living in Santa Clarita at the time. Al Graham, bottom right, was a motorcycle Sgt. and was enroute to work. In front of him was LAPD motor officer Clarence Wayne Dean,. At 4:31 A.M., the earthquake happened. Al was about 1/4 mile behind Officer Dean. The Newhall Pass on the I-14 freeway and the I-5 collapsed, and officer Dean unknowingly drove off the pass and died. Al knew it was a big earthquake, and turned around to check on his wife Marie and his daughter. That saved his life.

Since the pass was impassible, the 4 of us had to take the Metrolink train into work for about 5 months until they rebuilt the freeway. The local paper, the Signal, did an article in the paper about the 4 of us. We recreated the picture at the reunion. ,


Mike Mitchell’s outstanding art work


My buddy Scott Armstrong

Using the pool

Jenn came out and hung out in the backyard, and then we went and used the pool with Ryan, who loved it except for the water park. He didn’t like the big bucket and the splash.

The backyard is in; August 17, 2016

First thing on our list was getting the backyard done. Couldn’t stand looking at the dirt anymore.

We decided to put artificial grass in so we didn’t have to mow/water etc. It’s harder on the feet for the cats, as the grass gets HOT in the summer time.