I photographed an angel today - NILMDTS

Today I had the honor of photographing an angel today. A beautiful baby boy who unfortunately was born full term but had already gone to heaven.

The baby’s father is in Afghanistan, serving our country on this 4th of July weekend, and if I wasn’t there to take photos of his precious baby boy, he’d not have anything to remember of his son.

I love my job and being able to give back to others.
Please support this worthwhile organization.


CASA Halloween photo event

Held a photography fundraiser for CASA 17 of Broomfield and Adams County over the Halloween weeekend. I’ve been a volunteer for CASA for three years and changed the lives of quite a few children in that time. (and myself).

We held our 2nd annual photo charity on Halloween night, only $2.50 for a photo of your child in front of our holiday decoration, and all the money goes to CASA. We raised over $100.00 for CASA. We worked on Friday night with the local Turnberry Elementary School doing the same fundraiser with 1/2 the proceeds going to the school and the other half to CASA. Got quite a few comments over the weekend about how they loved their photograph from last year and were looking forward to this years photograph.

One of the highlights of the night was when we were first setting up the display at the school, and a woman came up to me holding a small baby. (I was wearing my “MULLEN PHOTOGRAPHY” tshirt}, and she asked if I took photographs for NILMDTS (Now I Layh Me Down To Sleep). I said yes, and she starte-d crying and hugged me and said that I did her angel Alundra. She was holding a beautiful healthy baby girl, introduced me, and I told her it would be an honour to photograph her beautiful baby girl.

71 degrees out

It was 71 degrees today, the flowers are blooming, its a beautiful day out,   Tonites weather report says that they are expecting 5-12" of snow on Monday.  It better not snow much as I'm shooting Chelsea and Robert's wedding on Saturday.  It will be the first wedding of the season for me and I'm very excited to be their photographer.   Robert is graduating from College this spring and his Reserve Unit is going to Iraq, so their wedding will be a very special day.  Here's a little collage of the engagement photos I took of them.


Terri & Ken's Wedding

Here is a slideshow of Terri & Ken's wedding last weeekend in Cape Cod.  It was a beautiful wedding, and other than the wind and rain, couldn't have been better.   We got a lot of great photographs outside before the floodgates opened up.



They are a great couple, and I had a great time shooting their wedding! 

The wedding was held at the beautiful Lighthouse Inn in East Dennis, Mass.

Heading out to Massachusetts

Heading out to Cape Cod for a wedding shoot!  My first "destination" wedding!!  I would love to do more of these so anyone that wants to get married anywhere in the world, lets talk about it!  I'm willing to travel and my location fees you'll see are very reasonable!! 

After the wedding heading up to MAINE/New Hampshire area to look for foliage and MOOSE!  

We do have moose here in the rockies and have taken some photos of moose but would rather see it in the east coast with some foliage sprinkled in.  Colorado foliage just isn't the same thing.. 

Ribbon Cutting - Cargill Industries

Yesterday I was priveleged to shoot a ribbon cutting ceremony @ Cargill Inc.  up in Fort Collins.  They enlarged their plant there and it was an incredible day!   They produce Canola plants which gives us Canola oil, which gives us McDonalds, Oreo Cookies, Cheerios, and lots of other products!!


Senior portraits

I took some senior portraits on Monday.   They came out pretty good, a lot of great models.  It wasn't an actual paying gig, but there were 5 models to shoot from, all day event hosted by Jill Bailey up at her studios in LaSalle, CO.   Professional Photographers of Colorado  put it on, must have been 35 photographers up there invading that poor little town..

La Piazza Dell'Arte

This weekend in Denver is the 7th annual "Piazza Dell'Arte  street art festival, and I do mean STREET.    Chalk artists take to the streets of Downtown Denver and create masterpieces on the street just using chalk.  I took some photos (duh) and here is a sample of what was down there.   Jenn you'd have loved it (Jenns my daughter)  who loved to draw and do exactly what these people were doing.


The winner of the photo contest will win an all expenses trip to ROME!  I want to win, so I need everyone to vote for me!  Please go to   starting June 14th thru June 30th, and vote often!!  Please create a user account and do this for me!   The winner also wins an Olympus 10mgpixel camera, which I will give away if I win the prize as I have a 12mg pixel camera now and don 't need another digital camera.

Please tell your friends and vote often!!  I am # photo #22..

Engagement session - Chelsea & Robert

I went to Webseter lake on Thursday and took some engagement photos of Chelsea and Robert.  Their wedding is next March, but we took the engagement photos now so they can put their images on their "before the wedding" website."   That is something that I provide my clients for free (a $400.00 value)  a website hosted for a year which gives all the information for the wedding, and where they met, etc.

WPPI Convention

Well its time for the WPPI convention in Las Vegas.  I'm going out there Saturday morning until Monday night.  Most of the classes and such are classes I've already taken at other events, so I'm only going to 2 days of classes and the vendors on Monday.

It will be fun, but no time for fun though, I'll be in class most all day every day.