I guess its spring!


Flowers in the yard are sprouting already.  We've got flowers that we planted 18 months ago resprouting already.   I think this means that the summer will be awfully hot, we've had no rain/snow to speak of, I think we shoveled the driveway 3x this year.  This photo was from Thanksgiving and I think that was the biggest snow we got. 

Its nice that we didn't have a blizzard or anything, but the winter has been so wierd here.   Last year it was not bad either.  Two years ago when the house was being built they had the 2 blizzards back to back, and it snowed every weekend from Christmas till February 20th, as every weekend I tried coming out to see the house progression and it was snowing so I didn't come out.


this was taken 1/15/07 when the house was being built.  We've never had snow this bad.

Its really windy today.  One thing they have here is wind!  Janis was out watering the grass yesterday and today as its in high 60s.  The grass is dormant but we want it dormant not "dead"  The sprinklers don't even get turned on until April 11th or something.


Weather has been so wierd this winter in Colorado.  Neighbors who've lived in CO all your life keep saying to us "if you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes"..  It been in the 70's this week, and its supposed to snow tomorrow nite.   It still gets cold at nites but the days have been very mild this year. 

The sunsets here are so much better than in Southern California.  We've got some killer sunsets with the great Colorado skies out here.

Engagement session - Chelsea & Robert

Thursday I took engagement photos of Chelsea and Robert, at Webster Lake.  Their wedding is not until March 09, but we took the engagement sessions so they can put their photos on their "Before the Wedding" website.  The engagement session and the Before the Wedding website is included in my wedding packages.  The Before the Wedding website is online for a year, has engagement photos, their story of how they met, where the wedding and reception are going to be, where they are registered, etc.  It even has a link to their own private passworded website for all of the photos that I've taken of them!

It's a great tool so guests and friends of theirs can view all of their details at one centralized place!


Here's some of the engagement photos!


Chelsea and Robert's "Before the Wedding" website is located here!


Beautiful spring day!

Its been great out here in Colorado this week.  Blue clear skies, a lot of snow on the mtns, none in my driveway!  It was 80 yesterday and tonite we are supposed to get snow..   Here's some pictures from the last couple of days.


Prairie dogs


Denver skyline from Denver zoo area


some Ducks getting some nesting material over by the Denver zoo.

Whale in Redondo Beach

We went over to look for dolphins on Saturday and saw a few of them over in Redondo, but over by Knob Hill there was a whale that was caught in the surf line.  We thought it was distressed and trying to beach itself but after about 45 min playing just outside the waves it went out into deeper water.   I had a lousy lens on my camera so didn’t get a good picture of it.  That is what happens when you only leave the house with only one lens..  :(


The house carpeting was put in this past week, and they fixed and stained the hardwood flooring.  We asked for pictures from the salesman but of course he didn't come through with any.   He's totally useless in that department.  When we first bought the house he said that they would take weekly pictures and when they did anything noteworthy they'd take pictures for us.  Well that happened TWICE without asking for them.  Now we have to beg for a friggin picture and then its only 1 picture.  I could see if there was 5' of snow on the ground and 15 out but its nice weather now.   

New house pictures!

Our salesman sent pictures of the house yesterday -  they finished the driveway and they painted the outside of the house!!  The deck in the backyard is already finished - I thought they were just going to do the cement footing this week but they already built the deck too!!


I like the color - they stones all finished in the front also -   they sure are quick to do things - they also finished the grouting in the tile and put in the shower door in the master bath - They also swapped out the tile that we didnt like in the fireplace and put in the fireplace insert and gas logs.   NICE!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Today we went down to almost the border of the US and Mexico to go to Janis' family for Thanksgiving, which is about a 3 hr drive.   So we thought we'd break it up a bit and go to San Diego Wild Animal Park and go see the new lion cubs and the new elephant calf that was born September 11th. 

Rare hummingbird!

This is the very rare red throated hummingbird that was at Phil and Bobbys house on Saturday.  There is only one like it in the world.    Bird Watching Magazine will be calling any day now to make me their staff photographer.

Steve Mullen

Haven't been on here much as I 've been busy up in Santa Barbara.  My older brother Steve is in the hospital with Leukemia.  He's battling it but it seems to be bigger and stronger than he is.   Get well soon Steve!!

 Anyone that comes on here that knows Steve or wants to leave a message of support can post it at his message board which is at www.carepages.com  - his site is SteveMullen

He's been in the hospital since May24th and still hasn't started chemo yet - He has a real bad infection in his colon and they are trying to clear that up before they start chemo as his white count is down to 300-400 and risk of infection is very high.