The backyard is in; August 17, 2016

First thing on our list was getting the backyard done. Couldn’t stand looking at the dirt anymore.

We decided to put artificial grass in so we didn’t have to mow/water etc. It’s harder on the feet for the cats, as the grass gets HOT in the summer time.

Our new house

Well, our house is a little different than our house in Commerce City. We don’t need a mower here, as the front yard has desert landscaping (no grass allowed),

Our backyard instead of being 115’ from the back door to the end of the property, is 12’ to the wall.

A little bit of a difference…

A little bit of a difference…

But the beautiful pool makes up for it (a little bit)

But the beautiful pool makes up for it (a little bit)


One thing we aren’t downsizing on is our canvases.

CASA Halloween photo event

Held a photography fundraiser for CASA 17 of Broomfield and Adams County over the Halloween weeekend. I’ve been a volunteer for CASA for three years and changed the lives of quite a few children in that time. (and myself).

We held our 2nd annual photo charity on Halloween night, only $2.50 for a photo of your child in front of our holiday decoration, and all the money goes to CASA. We raised over $100.00 for CASA. We worked on Friday night with the local Turnberry Elementary School doing the same fundraiser with 1/2 the proceeds going to the school and the other half to CASA. Got quite a few comments over the weekend about how they loved their photograph from last year and were looking forward to this years photograph.

One of the highlights of the night was when we were first setting up the display at the school, and a woman came up to me holding a small baby. (I was wearing my “MULLEN PHOTOGRAPHY” tshirt}, and she asked if I took photographs for NILMDTS (Now I Layh Me Down To Sleep). I said yes, and she starte-d crying and hugged me and said that I did her angel Alundra. She was holding a beautiful healthy baby girl, introduced me, and I told her it would be an honour to photograph her beautiful baby girl.

I guess its spring!


Flowers in the yard are sprouting already.  We've got flowers that we planted 18 months ago resprouting already.   I think this means that the summer will be awfully hot, we've had no rain/snow to speak of, I think we shoveled the driveway 3x this year.  This photo was from Thanksgiving and I think that was the biggest snow we got. 

Its nice that we didn't have a blizzard or anything, but the winter has been so wierd here.   Last year it was not bad either.  Two years ago when the house was being built they had the 2 blizzards back to back, and it snowed every weekend from Christmas till February 20th, as every weekend I tried coming out to see the house progression and it was snowing so I didn't come out.


this was taken 1/15/07 when the house was being built.  We've never had snow this bad.

Its really windy today.  One thing they have here is wind!  Janis was out watering the grass yesterday and today as its in high 60s.  The grass is dormant but we want it dormant not "dead"  The sprinklers don't even get turned on until April 11th or something.

What a difference! the backyard is!

I was looking at some old photos -

The before..


and the after


After is a lot better, eh?   20 trees, 750 sq ft patio - deck expansion, water feature -

If you are interested in getting a custom designed water feature for your yard, I'd highly recommend

Falls by Fox.    They did a great job on ours, considering the flatness of our lot, they were able to put in a nice

water feature for us. One of the things you see in the after is the elementary school between our house and house on the left.

That school didn't even break ground until Oct 1st, 2007 and it started last week with school kids.  Amazing!

Waterfall/stream is in!

Waterfall is in!  Other than planting stuff around it we are done for this year!!


It took 5 days to build - the guys doing it worked their tails off..   It isn’t exactly as we wanted, as we wanted more of a slope. But when you are working on a totally flat piece of land, that’s what you get. The bright light on the left is a bubble rock.

Deck expansion

Expanding the master deck out another 8' to give us more of a deck off of the upstairs master and also provide more shade down below - they are doing it in one day..


Unfortunately the trex that we are using is a different shade/grain from the original trex, as they don't

make that anymore -but the only ones that will see it is us (and you guys that see this picture)

Bunnies and foxes don't mix!

I was taking pictures of bunnies in the backyard about 1/2 hr ago - they are so cute..


There must have been 10 of them just on the grass outside my window.   And then there were about 3, as the other 7 hightailed it .. and then I saw what made them run.


Its just a baby.. not the same one that I saw the other week..


This is what happens when bunnies get tunnel vision I guess..  luckily I rapped on the window and scared the fox away before he got any of them..

No wonder the rabbits are fewer!

Out in the backyard we've had lots of bunnies.   Not as many as we used to and the other week I found a rabbits foot (nothing attached to it) 

Today at 6 am I saw this in our backyard chasing all the birds around the yard (we have 3 feeders)  The two cats were going nuts on the ledge on the bedroom  window overlooking the backyard 


Carpet day !

Today they are installing the carpet in the basement!  It is gonna look SOOOOOOOO  good!

Mark has done a great job on the basement.   He only has trim work and staining of the doors left, and it will be finished.  I already hung up some photographs in my portrait studio.  It's looking awesome!


This is the game room area


The storage/workout area will have indoor outdoor type carpeting


The portrait studio is shaping up!

4 hrs later and the carpet is done!