Happy Father's Day

Father’s day is always about the US Open to me. Watching it with my daughter Jenn every year is a tradition we’ve done forever.

My father in law Phil Kontoff is here for awhile. He’s 93, and slowing down a lot. He’s not interested in most anything except staying warm, so he spends a ot time outside in the Las Vegas heat.


Happy Father’s Day Phil

The other father I’m glad is in my life is my son in law Neil. He’s a great dad, works a ton of hours, still has time for his boys, and has given me a great gift, three beautiful grandchildren.


Happy Father’s day Neil

My dad passed away in 1993 at the age of 64. He didn’t do a lot with us. Having many heart attacks in his life, he wasn’t much for throwing the ball around. He spent a lot of time at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Redondo Beach. On Saturday he’d hang out at the Knights and bartend. I’d go down a log of Saturday’s and learn how to shoot pool, or use it as a starting point to go ride my bike from Redondo Beach up and around PV, or over to the Redondo Beach pier.

He was a good father, and always laughing and smiling, and with his medical issues, says something about his character.

Being a father to me means everything to me. I have one of the best daughters. She’s a great business woman, a great mother to three beautiful kids, and a great daughter.

She learned how to laugh from me, integrity from me, hard work, and how to enjoy life.

Jennifer made me a great dad, and I couldn’t have done it without her!!


Happy Father’s day to me!

Fun at Porter Ranch

Had a good day with the kids at Porter Ranch park. Ryan worked on his swings


Ryan stopped to smell the flowers


and together they had a ball on the slide.


Janis got baby time

and we got a nice family photo of the family


Happy 1st birthday to Aurora Ember!

Aurora’s first birthday party was held today a few days early to coincide with Memorial day and everyone having the day off. Nice day at Susan’s house in Aguanga. Justin’s family came and everyone had a good time.

Happy 14th Anniversary to us!

Happy 14th Anniversary to us!! It’s been a long run, and hope it’s just the first lap!!

Here’s some photos throughout the years.

Nice visit with Nancy and Pat

Pat and Nancy came out for two and a half days.  They wanted to go to the pool but with 72 degree highs and rain part of the day, we really couldn’t do that.  

We went to 2 quilt stores so Nancy could check out some fabric.  Then we went to Fremont Street to walk around and gamble a bit.   

Afterwards, we went to Mi Casa at the Silverton Hotel, and had a nice pre-anniversary dinner. Tomorrow  Janis and I will be married 14 years.  





Robins in the backyard

A lot of Robins in our backyard in Commerce City lately. Janis put some oranges out to try to get the birds closer.

Beatle Show at the Saxe Theater - Planet Hollywood

Saw the Beatleshow at the Saxe Theater - Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino inside of Miracle Mile Shops. This theatre is tiny, so every seat is a great seat. The actual venue is about 3 stories up so TAKE THE ELEVATOR!

We saw this show 2 year ago, and the same people are back. John Lennon is spot on as John Lennon, Paul is too. The only thing that could be better is when Paul McCartney plays at T-mobile later this year, he stops by and pops in for one of the numbers. That would be something to see.

Dinner with TKB!

We had dinner with a partner of mine at ESPD.  Tim and I had so much fun working together. We just laughed while we arrested people!   

He was here in Vegas doing a kitchen remodel and we ate dinner together one night.  Was just like old times.  

I took my blood pressure when we got home and it was the lowest it has ever been. Janis said that Tim has to live with us!   



Regenerative Road Trip

My nephew Jason Gray has a website and blog that is pretty awesome. His wife Tera Lynn is a National park ranger, They were in San Diego over the holidays and the work stoppage. Her job was in Nebraska in 2018, but now she’s going to go to Yosemite to work. (Nope, she’s changed to working in South Dakota!) So this means they were able to take their 2 kids (Travis and Ainsley) on a trip of a lifetime, where they went from the Mexican border all the way up to the Canadian border on El Camino Real (Highway 1/101) . Ainsley and Travis both write a blog at each stop and write what they learn. It is a great learning experience and a memory of a lifetime.

Brunch with Janis' cousin Joanie

Janis’ cousin from Minnesota came to Vegas for a few days with her son, daughter in law, and two grand children. Joanie (Joanne) has 3 children, and 4 grandchildren. It was good to see them and meet another family member of Janis. Natalie, the 4 year old is in the 2nd picture and have to take a picture of the flamingos if you are at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino!


Sundance Head at Stoney's

We went to a concert tonight at Stoney’s Saloon, a country bar in Town Square. We’ve never been in there, so was looking forward to it.

Sundance Head was on the Voice and Blake Shelton was his coach. He ended up winning the Voice, and has a kind of Travis Tritt type of voice.

The venue is HUGE. We used to go to Grizzly Rose in Denver and it is similar but 3x the size. Much nicer in that you have room to move around. The dance floor is very large. They have 3 separate areas to hang out and still being able to hear the music.

Unfortunately, the music sound system has a lot to be desired. It was very hard to hear him as it was very muffled. Granted he has a gravely voice, but we’ll have to come back to see if it was just him or he sound system.

I was amazed at the dancing. They start a song, and then the do a line dance. The song ends, another song starts, and they do a different line dance. I’m thinking ‘how do they know which song goes with which dance?’ It seemed like there was about 5-6 different dances that they were doing. I know I don’t have any rhythm but I wished I had learned to line dance when I used to go to Denim and Diamonds back in CA when I was in my 20’s instead of just picking up girls.

We left early as the music was very hard to hear and we bought a beer and a diet coke and it was $9.00 so not the type of place to hang out all night at. I’d go back though to hear another band to see if it was just Sundance or the sound system in particular.


Sundance Head

Billy Ray Cyrus at the Orleans

Went to see Billy Ray Cyrus at the Orleans. I had seen him at the Orleans around 1993 with Irene and Jennifer, who was about 9. The stage is set up with a high front, and after the show he came back out and sat down and talked with the audience and signed autographs and just hung out for about 30 minutes. First time I’d ever seen that and thought it was very cool.

His opening act was a newcomer Derek Jones, and he sang about 4 songs and sounded really good. We were sitting 3rd row and the sound system was really good, and he sang well. He asked if we were excited to see Billy Ray Cyrus, and then BRC came onstage and just started playing. Derek Jones stayed out and played guitar for 2 songs and then left.

After the show, I told Janis, and she thought so too, that we were watching A Star is Born.. Billy Ray Cyrus hasn’t really done much in a LONG time (in my opinion) other than birthing Miley Cyrus, and it felt like A Star is Born, as he seemed intoxicated. He didn’t stagger around the stage, but he kind of shuffled his feet and was unsure of his step it seemed.

His voice is gone. He now sings about 3 octaves lower, and sounds awful. To me, it just reminded me of a has been. We saw George Strait last winter, and heck he’s 60 and still sounds the same. Billy Ray needs to go out to pasture I think.

We walked out and didn’t see if he sat on the stage or not, and didn’t hear Achy Breaky Heart. Some times, you’ll just have to hold onto a memory.

Good thing the tickets were free. I did like the Lady Gaga that he was showcasing though!