Bellagio Spring display

Went to the Bellagio Casino tonite, to see the fountains display, as it was supposed to be re; the Game of Thrones. Unfortunately it only lasted 2 weeks and we missed it as it closed yesterday.

Inside the Bellagio every quarter they have a real nice display. A Harvest display, a Christmas/holiday display, and the spring display, which was a Japanese display this year. Some beautiful flowers , tulips galore, and daisies and Irises.

Great job Ryan

We bought an easel/chalkboard for the boys for Christmas and today we did a FaceTime video and Ryan showed how well he is writing.   

He wrote his name, papa, nana, Bailey so clearly. Great job Ryan!   


Road trip to Nelson, NV

Janis and I went to Nelson, NV (by way of Searchlight, NV) today. We went to Searchlight which is about 45mi outside Henderson, NV, as we thought there was some good desert flower/cactus available. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything out there. I knew that Nelson, NV was on the way back from there, and I knew there was something there to see.

Nelson is 13 Mi off highway 165, and is a very nondescript place. Not a lot to see, or do. About 2 mi outside of town on the other side, is a mecca of old rusted out cars, trucks, and other items. A lot of cactus too, not in the flowering stage, but they were close, and we’ll come back in about 2 weeks and those should be be in full bloom.

The people that run the place also live on the property, A very unique place.

Here are some photos from today..

Hello World 2nd time around

11 years since his last major win, 18 months since back surgery that made him doubt if he would ever plat again, Tiger Woods wins his fifth Masters.  #goat #15majors


and Sophia got to watch it too!  

Go Kings

last game of the season, and 2nd worst record in the league. Hopefully will land us a top draft pick in the lottery. Will know next Tuesday.  

Kings up 4-2 against Vegas Golden Knights. A lot of Vegas people in attendance, is not included. But we definitely aren’t VGK fans.   


More Sophia photos

We left LA yesterday and had to come home. Jennifer and Sophia were able to come home from the hospital yesterday, so they needed to get some quiet time (until Ryan and Derek came home from school.

Luckily we were there when they left the hospital, and I got a a picture of Sophia in her fist car seat ride!

After they went home, we were going to drive out to Temecula to see Aurora, Susan, and Phil. Prior to that we stopped to eat at Bear Pit Restaurant on Sepulveda Blvd. in Mission Hills. Knowing that Neil was starving, I asked if they wanted a lunch order and we’d drop it off on the way out of town, They jumped at that, and Janis jumped at the chance to see the baby sleeping in her new swing.


I have a google album that I created and will update the album Frequently

Zoozical Musical

Ryan’s school, Center For Learning, had a musical today.  It was awesome and Ryan did a great job. A lot to f hard work by the teachers for all the grades to put this on 




And the whole school finale  


Kings VS San Jose

Went to Kings game last night va the San Jose Sharks expected to see a Kings loss. Just the way the season is going.   And then this happened.


Kings beat the sharks 4-2, and Ron Burgundy is 1-0 in the Kings booth. He even got on the Kiss cam, smoothing with a burrito


just saying..... 

Roberta Kontoff - 1928-2017

Just shy of her 90th birthday, Roberta passed away on April 9th She had a couple strokes in Las Vegas last week, and was able to travel so we took her back home to Temecula. She went into the hospital and had another more severe stroke and passed away peacefully.

She had a rough last couple of years with daily dialysis for failing kidneys.


Bobby and Phil with Ryan and Derek.

Jenn and Neil came out this weekend and Bobby and Phil were here, so they were able to spend time with the boys.