Using the pool

Jenn came out and hung out in the backyard, and then we went and used the pool with Ryan, who loved it except for the water park. He didn’t like the big bucket and the splash.

The backyard is in; August 17, 2016

First thing on our list was getting the backyard done. Couldn’t stand looking at the dirt anymore.

We decided to put artificial grass in so we didn’t have to mow/water etc. It’s harder on the feet for the cats, as the grass gets HOT in the summer time.

Our new house

Well, our house is a little different than our house in Commerce City. We don’t need a mower here, as the front yard has desert landscaping (no grass allowed),

Our backyard instead of being 115’ from the back door to the end of the property, is 12’ to the wall.

A little bit of a difference…

A little bit of a difference…

But the beautiful pool makes up for it (a little bit)

But the beautiful pool makes up for it (a little bit)


One thing we aren’t downsizing on is our canvases.

What a difference! the backyard is!

I was looking at some old photos -

The before..


and the after


After is a lot better, eh?   20 trees, 750 sq ft patio - deck expansion, water feature -

If you are interested in getting a custom designed water feature for your yard, I'd highly recommend

Falls by Fox.    They did a great job on ours, considering the flatness of our lot, they were able to put in a nice

water feature for us. One of the things you see in the after is the elementary school between our house and house on the left.

That school didn't even break ground until Oct 1st, 2007 and it started last week with school kids.  Amazing!

Bunnies and foxes don't mix!

I was taking pictures of bunnies in the backyard about 1/2 hr ago - they are so cute..


There must have been 10 of them just on the grass outside my window.   And then there were about 3, as the other 7 hightailed it .. and then I saw what made them run.


Its just a baby.. not the same one that I saw the other week..


This is what happens when bunnies get tunnel vision I guess..  luckily I rapped on the window and scared the fox away before he got any of them..

No wonder the rabbits are fewer!

Out in the backyard we've had lots of bunnies.   Not as many as we used to and the other week I found a rabbits foot (nothing attached to it) 

Today at 6 am I saw this in our backyard chasing all the birds around the yard (we have 3 feeders)  The two cats were going nuts on the ledge on the bedroom  window overlooking the backyard