Commerce City

Paul and Lisa wedding

Shot a beautiful wedding yesterday @ the Buffalo Run Golf Course in Commerce City. The Manager of Golf and head golf professional Paul Hebinck and his beautiful bride Lisa were married in an outside wedding. The rainman didn’t dampen the ceremony, and just a bit of inconvenience was had with a brief downpour while everyone was inside the gazebo. It made for some spectacular clouds which made this wedding photographer very happy!


CASA Halloween photo event

Held a photography fundraiser for CASA 17 of Broomfield and Adams County over the Halloween weeekend. I’ve been a volunteer for CASA for three years and changed the lives of quite a few children in that time. (and myself).

We held our 2nd annual photo charity on Halloween night, only $2.50 for a photo of your child in front of our holiday decoration, and all the money goes to CASA. We raised over $100.00 for CASA. We worked on Friday night with the local Turnberry Elementary School doing the same fundraiser with 1/2 the proceeds going to the school and the other half to CASA. Got quite a few comments over the weekend about how they loved their photograph from last year and were looking forward to this years photograph.

One of the highlights of the night was when we were first setting up the display at the school, and a woman came up to me holding a small baby. (I was wearing my “MULLEN PHOTOGRAPHY” tshirt}, and she asked if I took photographs for NILMDTS (Now I Layh Me Down To Sleep). I said yes, and she starte-d crying and hugged me and said that I did her angel Alundra. She was holding a beautiful healthy baby girl, introduced me, and I told her it would be an honour to photograph her beautiful baby girl.

I guess its spring!


Flowers in the yard are sprouting already.  We've got flowers that we planted 18 months ago resprouting already.   I think this means that the summer will be awfully hot, we've had no rain/snow to speak of, I think we shoveled the driveway 3x this year.  This photo was from Thanksgiving and I think that was the biggest snow we got. 

Its nice that we didn't have a blizzard or anything, but the winter has been so wierd here.   Last year it was not bad either.  Two years ago when the house was being built they had the 2 blizzards back to back, and it snowed every weekend from Christmas till February 20th, as every weekend I tried coming out to see the house progression and it was snowing so I didn't come out.


this was taken 1/15/07 when the house was being built.  We've never had snow this bad.

Its really windy today.  One thing they have here is wind!  Janis was out watering the grass yesterday and today as its in high 60s.  The grass is dormant but we want it dormant not "dead"  The sprinklers don't even get turned on until April 11th or something.

Carpet day !

Today they are installing the carpet in the basement!  It is gonna look SOOOOOOOO  good!

Mark has done a great job on the basement.   He only has trim work and staining of the doors left, and it will be finished.  I already hung up some photographs in my portrait studio.  It's looking awesome!


This is the game room area


The storage/workout area will have indoor outdoor type carpeting


The portrait studio is shaping up!

4 hrs later and the carpet is done!


So much for our view! :(

They are building the house next door to us now - started the foundation on the day we closed, now here is what our view was on Friday last week. It was pouring rain the day before they poured the foundation, and the next day, with water pooling in the hole, they did the foundation anyway.


and now here is the view now -


Awesome clouds!

Well we're moved in the house - as of Friday.  Been very busy unpacking and trying to get the computers up and stuff, and when I tried to put the qwest DSL modem on my computer it said I had to defrag, and I did and now my computer doesn't work.   Can't find my dang Win XP disk either.

This is the sunset - looking east - they said thunderstorms possible but they didn't materialize, but there sure are some nice clouds out here..


Moving Saga

Well who said it was going to be easy. We had to move prior to our house closing in Colorado, as we had a 30 day escrow in Hawthorne. So it gave us a couple weeks to see some sights (Bryce/Zion/Arches National Parks, etc. We had to go to a Residence Inn in Thornton, CO for almost 2 weeks while the house was still in escrow. Luckily, the Residence Inn was next to a Chili’s and Hooters, so we were able to watch the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Sure got sick of Hooters hot wings though, and if this is the type of women they have working there, I’m not too impressed with Colorado. I thought there were a lot of mountains here!

The escrow ALMOST didn’t close on the house in Hawthorne. They had changed the regulations for buying houses, and they were more stringent on residency and employment requirements. The people in Hawthorne were hispanic, and they were getting a 100% loan (which they stopped allowing about an hour after our house finally closed. So it made for some stressful times. At the Colorado escrow office, they were about ready to close, and the paperwork still wasn’t coming through for finalization of the Hawthorne house, and being a Friday, they said that they would have to wait till MONDAY to close.

That wasn’t going to work, as the 3 pods and 3 helpers who were going to unload the pods were arriving tomorrow at 10 a.m.! We asked them to look one more time, so they went to the fax machine and the paperwork was there, so we were able to close on the house, and take key possession!!

We slept on the floor of the new house bedroom on the mattress pads and covers that we had bought as the beds in the Residence Inn were HORRIBLE. Made for a nice padding though for our first night in the house.

Around 3:30 AM we were awakened by a very loud train horn. I mean, it felt like it was in our back yard, and I asked Janis when did they put in the rail road tracks in our backyard? With all the times that I came out to see the house progress, I NEVER heard a whistle. I talked to one of the neighbors who said “oh it’s great, you don’t even hear them, and it makes you fall asleep.” SORRY but it doesn’t!!