Commerce CIty

Robins in the backyard

A lot of Robins in our backyard in Commerce City lately. Janis put some oranges out to try to get the birds closer.

What a difference! the backyard is!

I was looking at some old photos -

The before..


and the after


After is a lot better, eh?   20 trees, 750 sq ft patio - deck expansion, water feature -

If you are interested in getting a custom designed water feature for your yard, I'd highly recommend

Falls by Fox.    They did a great job on ours, considering the flatness of our lot, they were able to put in a nice

water feature for us. One of the things you see in the after is the elementary school between our house and house on the left.

That school didn't even break ground until Oct 1st, 2007 and it started last week with school kids.  Amazing!

New house pictures!

Our salesman sent pictures of the house yesterday -  they finished the driveway and they painted the outside of the house!!  The deck in the backyard is already finished - I thought they were just going to do the cement footing this week but they already built the deck too!!


I like the color - they stones all finished in the front also -   they sure are quick to do things - they also finished the grouting in the tile and put in the shower door in the master bath - They also swapped out the tile that we didnt like in the fireplace and put in the fireplace insert and gas logs.   NICE!