Bud and James Crabtree

Just took some portraits of Bud and James, two friends of the family.  Bud lived with my brother in California, moved to Wisconsin, and ended up moving to Colorado 2 mi from where I live.  How weird is that! He and his family lived in Torrance about 3 streets away, and we all went to school together at Torrance High.


hi Mrs. Leresche!

One of our oldest friends frommy old Torrance neighborhood came out to Colorado to visit with her two sons and gave me a call today to say she was here and would be leaving tomorrow to fly back home to LA.   So I drove down to her sons house and picked her up and we went out to lunch and then back to our house so she could see it.  She approved of the house and mom living there!    

Nice to see her and we'll see her again soon as she comes out all the time to visit her sons/grand children. She's standing on our front porch with mom.