Buffalo Run Match Play Champion for 2013!

I played in the Buffalo Run Men’s Club Match Play championship this year, which was a 64 bracket single elimination tournament. I started the year as a 16 handicap. You keep your starting handicap throughout the year. Well I have been playing golf since 1996 with the same irons and woods, Taylor made burner bubble.

I decided in May to get a new set of clubs and decided on the Taylor made 2.0 Irons. I didn’t hit the ball much farther, but did improve my accuracy considering how many swings those stiff shafted irons had gone through in 16 years. So my handicap started to go down as I was playing better.

For example, in the semi-final match, I was a 16, playing a 5 handicap player, and I shot an 82, and he shot a 74. With the strokes that he gave me, I beat him to go on to the finals, and ended up winning that round also. Last year, I played and lost in the first round,

I won the championship, and this lovely trophy!


Knowing your Kings staff

At LAX airport yesterday a lady waiting at the curb said she liked my kings hat and shirt. I said I was here for the game tomorrow. She said she was too! She said her husband works for the Kings and I said who is he? and she said he's the Dir of Pro Development.

I said "your husband is Mike O'Connell? How was your flight from Boston? ( As i knew that is where he was based out of.)

She was amazed and all I could think of was "STALKER"

Hockey games!

Kings vs Sharks on Monday and vs Rangers on Wed.   Big storm coming in to So Cal on Monday..  But then again, we are getting snow Sunday and Monday here in Colorado when we fly out to So Cal.   Hopefully it will miss both places and we'll have nice weather for our hockey trip to watch the Kings. 

My sis and bro are coming out on the 19th for the holiday!! Should be a good time!

 Even though we moved to Colorado, we kept our Kings season seats that Janis has had since 1991. We go out to about 15 games a year (nice that airfare on Frontier airlines or Southwest is relatively cheap.


Go kings! Lose for Stampkos/Doughty

No score start of the 3rd period,, 0/0 shutout which is frickin amazing since Dan Cloutuer is in net and he's already given up 26 shots,,,

Kings only have 12 shots so I'm not expecting a lot considering its against Luongo

 Of course the Kings lost, which is a good thing since we're trying to get the #1 overall draft pick, but that won't matter cause with the Kings luck we'll lose the draft lottery and pick 3rd..

Even if we picked #1 overall we wouldn't get Stamkos, who is supposed to be the next great one.. We'd do what we did last year and 'with the 4th pick in the draft The Kings choose Thomas Hickey, who was #15 on everyone's depth chart"

Tampa Bay is now #1 SUCKAGE in the NHL even though we are tied with them, they have fewer wins than us.  But it won't matter as we'll lose the lottery anyway as that’s what us Kings do!    St Louis is on the 9 game road trip and of course will lose all 9 games as that’s what Andy Murray does (unfortunately) as I really like Andy Murray.   Its just a damn shame that he coaches teams like they are in high school and these players making millions of dollars tune him out quickly. Luckily for us the STL team that will lose all the games left still won't catch us for the worst team in the league..


Bowling League

Janis and I joined a bowling league in October.  It ran thru Thanksgiving week and then picked back up 3  weeks ago.  They have a nice break over the holidays.  Janis didnt want to bowl as she's not bowled in over 20+ years and I haven't either in about 10, but we're having fun.  Janis average was about 100 for the longest time but  2 weeks ago bowled a 161 in a game and beat Tim and I.  She was shocked as she's never bowled that high.  Well tonite she did it again, bowled 148 and then a 161 game and hit most every first ball in the pocket.  It could have been much higher as she tapped every frame and should have been getting more strikes than she did.   She did have 3 in a row though. 

I bowled great the first game, had 2 open frames and bowled a 215.. should have been about 238 easily.. Its nice to bowl though with good people, have met quite a few real nice people in this league.  Mark and Pam (our contractor friend)  is the one that invited us to the league he is the president of the league.  My average is 173 in this league.


Kings win!

Kings win!  beat the stinkin sharks 4-2.  Frolov finally got his act together (only took him 3yrs)  but he finally played up to his capabilities. 

Dustin Brown is a stud.   Six hits, a goal, and the kid is only 21. 


Anze Kopitar is the next Gretzky.  He's the only player that I've seen in a long time (well since Ovechkin and Crosby last year)  that you get on the edge of your seat when he has the puck as you know he is going to do something magical with it.  If he ever had good line mates then he'd REALLY be good but Crawford puts him with basically everyone as he's triple shifting him out there.

PS -  Frolov has had 2 goals in 3 straight games and has played like he has always had the capability of. 

Vegas weekend - Frozen Fury 9

Went to Vegas this weekend - Frozen Fury 9 which is the annual Kings game at the MGM grand arena is always this weekend, and we go every year.  Next year we'll be coming from Colorado which will be wierd as we won't be driving as Colorado to Vegas is about 600 miles.  

We went to see LOVE, the new Cirque du Soleil show at the Mirage hotel.  It was inspired by George Harrison who was friends with Cirque's founder and said they should do a show with Beatle Music as the theme.  It was great (great sound, sets, etc) but not great if you are more of a cirque fan of the acrobatics/theatrics.  "O" is still the best in the cirque genre except I really like Mystere too (the music is awesome in that show.

Frozen fury was great - Kings won with 52 seconds left, I was 2 rows from the class and had great view of the goal that won the game.

Dodger game 09/02/06

My nephew Matt Gray called up Saturday nite and asked if Janis and I wanted to go to a Dodger game suite with him and some of his buddies on Sunday afternoon.     He is an exec at Paramount (well he will be one of these days so I will be the first to call him that).

The Dodgers got shellacked 12-5.   Here are a few photos of the game.

Colorado pitcher Byung Kim sidearms his way to victory

Furcal steals another one!

Matt and I enjoy the game.  I was dillusional as I had the  rally cap on thinking that the Dodgers were going to come back from a 7-2 deficit


Rally cap time!

The highlight of the game was this girl who thought she would win a bet by her friends in the right field seats.   If it meant going to jail and delaying the game for about 15 min, she was right! I’ve been to about 5 sporting events in my life with a streaker (naked) running thru the event, and this was the first time I was upset that the person was clothed!! LOL

Hockey is back!

At the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, CA the National Hockey League players are getting in shape for the new season.  Training camp is 2 1/2 weeks away and the ones that live in the Los Angeles area are skating and getting their skating legs in shape.

This is Evgeni Malkin and Mike Comrie fighting for a puck behind the net

Kings Sean Avery

George Parros tries to get one past the goaltender Steve Shields

Dodger/Giant game

Went to Dodger/Giant game tonite - Dodgers won 1-0 in the 10th against the Giants - Russell Martin hit a home run in the top of the 10th inning.

Greg Maddox pitched a masterful 8 innings, Rafael Furcal got a base hit bunt, and after the home run the Dodgers mobbed Martin at home plate. 

15 wins out of the last 16!