What a difference! the backyard is!

I was looking at some old photos -

The before..


and the after


After is a lot better, eh?   20 trees, 750 sq ft patio - deck expansion, water feature -

If you are interested in getting a custom designed water feature for your yard, I'd highly recommend

Falls by Fox.    They did a great job on ours, considering the flatness of our lot, they were able to put in a nice

water feature for us. One of the things you see in the after is the elementary school between our house and house on the left.

That school didn't even break ground until Oct 1st, 2007 and it started last week with school kids.  Amazing!

Waterfall/stream is in!

Waterfall is in!  Other than planting stuff around it we are done for this year!!


It took 5 days to build - the guys doing it worked their tails off..   It isn’t exactly as we wanted, as we wanted more of a slope. But when you are working on a totally flat piece of land, that’s what you get. The bright light on the left is a bubble rock.

Landscaping has begun!

They put in the trees and some shrubs in the front yard today.  They rototilled the front yard and the back yard so I think next week we'll get some grass.


They knocked off one of the sprinklers in the back yard while rototilling it.   They broke the rototiller and had to use a small skip loader to finish the job.  Our yard is full of rocks and they didnt rake them up, just rototilled them into the ground, which chewed up the blades of the rototiller.   They better get the rocks out of there before throwing the sod on

Editors note:. (they didn’t, and just raked the rocks up, but the part that they didn’t rototilled they just threw the sod right on, which created havoc for us for years, as they had to come out twice and redo the sod as the grass wouldn’t take.