Back from Colorado

A beautiful weekend in Colorado - stayed at the Cherry Creek Marriot, very nice hotel right across the street from the Cherry Creek Mall - Had a great steak dinner at Elways which is a restaurant a cross the street from the hotel.   (I guess he was some sort of athlete in Colorado??    : )

The weather was awesome, so many people out riding bicycles, having a great springtime day, playing golf at the golf courses..  They sure do take advantage of nice weather.   We drove by the Rocky Mtn Arsenal on Saturday afternoon and actually saw 2 of the bison that had been released early Saturday Morning (   )   but unfortunately we were on a very busy road and there was no place to stop to try to get a picture of them.    They released 16 bison into the reserve to re-establish bison in Colorado.  I can't wait to get out there and be able to tour the facility and get some real pictures of them, but then again, I can just go about 200 miles North and take them out in the wild ..   :)

The cabinets look great!!


and the backyard deck looks great too!


 Supposedly this week they are installing the carpet, the sinks, faucets, etc and the granite countertops!

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