Whale in Redondo Beach

We went over to look for dolphins on Saturday and saw a few of them over in Redondo, but over by Knob Hill there was a whale that was caught in the surf line.  We thought it was distressed and trying to beach itself but after about 45 min playing just outside the waves it went out into deeper water.   I had a lousy lens on my camera so didn’t get a good picture of it.  That is what happens when you only leave the house with only one lens..  :(


The house carpeting was put in this past week, and they fixed and stained the hardwood flooring.  We asked for pictures from the salesman but of course he didn't come through with any.   He's totally useless in that department.  When we first bought the house he said that they would take weekly pictures and when they did anything noteworthy they'd take pictures for us.  Well that happened TWICE without asking for them.  Now we have to beg for a friggin picture and then its only 1 picture.  I could see if there was 5' of snow on the ground and 15 out but its nice weather now.