Billy Ray Cyrus at the Orleans

Went to see Billy Ray Cyrus at the Orleans. I had seen him at the Orleans around 1993 with Irene and Jennifer, who was about 9. The stage is set up with a high front, and after the show he came back out and sat down and talked with the audience and signed autographs and just hung out for about 30 minutes. First time I’d ever seen that and thought it was very cool.

His opening act was a newcomer Derek Jones, and he sang about 4 songs and sounded really good. We were sitting 3rd row and the sound system was really good, and he sang well. He asked if we were excited to see Billy Ray Cyrus, and then BRC came onstage and just started playing. Derek Jones stayed out and played guitar for 2 songs and then left.

After the show, I told Janis, and she thought so too, that we were watching A Star is Born.. Billy Ray Cyrus hasn’t really done much in a LONG time (in my opinion) other than birthing Miley Cyrus, and it felt like A Star is Born, as he seemed intoxicated. He didn’t stagger around the stage, but he kind of shuffled his feet and was unsure of his step it seemed.

His voice is gone. He now sings about 3 octaves lower, and sounds awful. To me, it just reminded me of a has been. We saw George Strait last winter, and heck he’s 60 and still sounds the same. Billy Ray needs to go out to pasture I think.

We walked out and didn’t see if he sat on the stage or not, and didn’t hear Achy Breaky Heart. Some times, you’ll just have to hold onto a memory.

Good thing the tickets were free. I did like the Lady Gaga that he was showcasing though!

Donny and Marie at the Flamingo Hotel

Janiis’ Hannakuh present was tickets to Donny and Marie and their residency (and 11 year run at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino), is finished in November. Marie has also signed on to be a co-host on the Talk TV show,starting in August, so we needed to hurry and see the show before it ran out.

A very nice show, the viewing was horrible. We had 2nd row balcony seats, and the ticket site did not say the tickets were NO VIEW seat, or that the seats were bar stools. Luckily, there were seats in row 1 (actual seats), so we quickly moved down there and had a great view of the show.

They each played for 30 minutes and then 30 thirty minutes together. A lot of the banter than they had on their television series.

Colorado Skies

You have to love those Colorado Skies. Looking over some old photos on Facebook and the crazy weather/skies we got there. Sure do miss that about Colorado. Jon Chandler got it right when he wrote this great song.


Auntie Em..


From our office window at the Attorney General’s Office


This is really what Jon was singing about..


from our office






Road trip to Death Valley

Well, let’s cross another off the bucket list. Weather was in low 80’s on Wednesday, so decided to jump in the car and go to Death Valley (2 hrs away). Within 15min of the house we were in the mountains, and saw signs to watch out for bighorn sheep. (no sheep). In an hour, we were in Pahrump, It was a nice drive until we had an issue with our SUV. Just heard this thumping every now and then. Apparently something hit the skip plate under the car and tore a chunk out of it. I had the car serviced that morning, and thought that the dealership forgot a screw in or something, I went back the next day to the dealership to yell at them, but they put it on the rack and all the screws were there, and apparently we ran over something which tore the skip plate. Janis and I never saw anything in the road and have no clue how or when that happened.


We stopped at the Death Valley pay station to get a map once getting in the park, and luckily a family was there. The son was nice enough to tie it up so it wouldn’t drag on the ground and make it worse. It was very nice of him to do. He wouldn’t accept the $10.00 we offered. You can see it hanging down under the car.

Some of the panoramas I took. (5 stitched photos)

Here’s some of the non/panos that Janis and I took.

Unfortunately, we weren’t here at sunrise (or sunset,which was still 3 1/2 hrs away. The scenery was awesome, but not nearly as good if we could have gotten there at dawn or later in the day. For another trip!!

California Adventure

Went to CA Adventure on Monday with the grandkids. I brought my good camera. But I didn’t bring the SD card which I left in my laptop.  Went to 2 different camera stores and they don’t sell SD cards!

first time at California Adventure, sure are a lot of food places compared to Disneyland and they serve beer, wine, margaritas, right out in public.  


Bellagio Spring display

Went to the Bellagio Casino tonite, to see the fountains display, as it was supposed to be re; the Game of Thrones. Unfortunately it only lasted 2 weeks and we missed it as it closed yesterday.

Inside the Bellagio every quarter they have a real nice display. A Harvest display, a Christmas/holiday display, and the spring display, which was a Japanese display this year. Some beautiful flowers , tulips galore, and daisies and Irises.

Road trip to Nelson, NV

Janis and I went to Nelson, NV (by way of Searchlight, NV) today. We went to Searchlight which is about 45mi outside Henderson, NV, as we thought there was some good desert flower/cactus available. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything out there. I knew that Nelson, NV was on the way back from there, and I knew there was something there to see.

Nelson is 13 Mi off highway 165, and is a very nondescript place. Not a lot to see, or do. About 2 mi outside of town on the other side, is a mecca of old rusted out cars, trucks, and other items. A lot of cactus too, not in the flowering stage, but they were close, and we’ll come back in about 2 weeks and those should be be in full bloom.

The people that run the place also live on the property, A very unique place.

Here are some photos from today..

Hello World 2nd time around

11 years since his last major win, 18 months since back surgery that made him doubt if he would ever plat again, Tiger Woods wins his fifth Masters.  #goat #15majors


and Sophia got to watch it too!  

Stupid NHL draft!

The LA Kings finished with the 2nd worst record in the NHL this year, (Ottawa Senators were the worst). Yesterday the NHL had the ‘draft lottery’ where they selected who was going to get the #1 overall pick.

The following is a list of the odds to win the #1 pick, and the odds to NOT get a top 5 pick.


Chicago had a 92% chance of NOT getting a top 5 pick, and NY Rangers had a 77% chance of getting a top 6 pick, and they pick #3 and #2.

In the “old” days, there used to be a bingo ball thingy, and they picked in the reverse order, and it was “out there for all to see”. They way they do it now, Bill Daly, the Deputy Commissioner of the NHL comes out with a stack of envelopes, already with the worst to first pick. It just leaves a sour taste in your mouth that it doesn’t look “above board”.

A top 5 pick is still great, heck Kopitar was #11 pick, Brown a #13 pick, and Luc Robitaille, the Kings president and hall of fame left winger, was picked in the 9th round, and they don’t even have a 9th round anymore. So many 1st round picks don’t even play in the NHL, but having the chance to get a “Crosby/Gretzky” like player in Jack Hughes or Kappo Kakko, the Finish born player

Go Kings

last game of the season, and 2nd worst record in the league. Hopefully will land us a top draft pick in the lottery. Will know next Tuesday.  

Kings up 4-2 against Vegas Golden Knights. A lot of Vegas people in attendance, is not included. But we definitely aren’t VGK fans.   


More Sophia photos

We left LA yesterday and had to come home. Jennifer and Sophia were able to come home from the hospital yesterday, so they needed to get some quiet time (until Ryan and Derek came home from school.

Luckily we were there when they left the hospital, and I got a a picture of Sophia in her fist car seat ride!

After they went home, we were going to drive out to Temecula to see Aurora, Susan, and Phil. Prior to that we stopped to eat at Bear Pit Restaurant on Sepulveda Blvd. in Mission Hills. Knowing that Neil was starving, I asked if they wanted a lunch order and we’d drop it off on the way out of town, They jumped at that, and Janis jumped at the chance to see the baby sleeping in her new swing.


I have a google album that I created and will update the album Frequently