Stupid NHL draft!

The LA Kings finished with the 2nd worst record in the NHL this year, (Ottawa Senators were the worst). Yesterday the NHL had the ‘draft lottery’ where they selected who was going to get the #1 overall pick.

The following is a list of the odds to win the #1 pick, and the odds to NOT get a top 5 pick.


Chicago had a 92% chance of NOT getting a top 5 pick, and NY Rangers had a 77% chance of getting a top 6 pick, and they pick #3 and #2.

In the “old” days, there used to be a bingo ball thingy, and they picked in the reverse order, and it was “out there for all to see”. They way they do it now, Bill Daly, the Deputy Commissioner of the NHL comes out with a stack of envelopes, already with the worst to first pick. It just leaves a sour taste in your mouth that it doesn’t look “above board”.

A top 5 pick is still great, heck Kopitar was #11 pick, Brown a #13 pick, and Luc Robitaille, the Kings president and hall of fame left winger, was picked in the 9th round, and they don’t even have a 9th round anymore. So many 1st round picks don’t even play in the NHL, but having the chance to get a “Crosby/Gretzky” like player in Jack Hughes or Kappo Kakko, the Finish born player

Go Kings

last game of the season, and 2nd worst record in the league. Hopefully will land us a top draft pick in the lottery. Will know next Tuesday.  

Kings up 4-2 against Vegas Golden Knights. A lot of Vegas people in attendance, is not included. But we definitely aren’t VGK fans.   


More Sophia photos

We left LA yesterday and had to come home. Jennifer and Sophia were able to come home from the hospital yesterday, so they needed to get some quiet time (until Ryan and Derek came home from school.

Luckily we were there when they left the hospital, and I got a a picture of Sophia in her fist car seat ride!

After they went home, we were going to drive out to Temecula to see Aurora, Susan, and Phil. Prior to that we stopped to eat at Bear Pit Restaurant on Sepulveda Blvd. in Mission Hills. Knowing that Neil was starving, I asked if they wanted a lunch order and we’d drop it off on the way out of town, They jumped at that, and Janis jumped at the chance to see the baby sleeping in her new swing.


I have a google album that I created and will update the album Frequently

Zoozical Musical

Ryan’s school, Center For Learning, had a musical today.  It was awesome and Ryan did a great job. A lot to f hard work by the teachers for all the grades to put this on 




And the whole school finale  


Kings VS San Jose

Went to Kings game last night va the San Jose Sharks expected to see a Kings loss. Just the way the season is going.   And then this happened.


Kings beat the sharks 4-2, and Ron Burgundy is 1-0 in the Kings booth. He even got on the Kiss cam, smoothing with a burrito


just saying..... 

Aurora came for a visit

November 24, 2018 Nicole and Justin came for a visit with Aurora. Phil was living with us at the time, so we got some nice photos of them together.. They came out for Thanksgiving weekend.

George Strait at the T-Mobile Arene

We saw George Strait at T-Mobile Arena My 3rd time seeing King George,and he didn’t disappoint! He still sounds the same, puts on a great show. The stage was in the round, and took 2 songs at each of the 4 corners, so the whole audience could see him instead of having to look at the big screen.

We had great seats for him, and was basically sitting in row 2 right behind the goaltender if the arena was set up for hockey. Nice that they weren’t floor seats, as everyone was standing up the whole time. Didn’t have anyone in front of us so had a great seat. Recognized most of the Ace in the Hole band as he’s had most of the same players for 30 years.

He is still


King George!


Kauai Hawaii August 28, 2018

Went to Kauai Hawaii and stayed at an RCI property, Banyan harbor. A nice condo, pretty close to town and right across the street from the beach. Janis had never been to Kauai, I had been about 30 years ago.

We went on a Sunshine helicopter tour of the island. A GREAT idea, since so much of the island is not driveable. So much of the island is the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” with its over 10,000 waterfalls. The helicopter ride was well worth it. They sold a USB of the ride (which has a little popup window that shows you in the video (WHO CARES). I’d much rather pay a little extra to get a nice clear video with no background music and having someone narrate the same trip (they all follow the same path). The audio we got had the annoying music and the whine of the helicopter which isn’t avoidable, but you can do a video and then put in the sound later. Would be much better.

There was a hurricane 3 days prior to arrival. It was a little dicey if we were able to do the trip, but it was a beautiful trip.

The Jurrasic Falls waterfall.

The Jurrasic Falls waterfall.

Using the Pool July 21, 2018

Jenn, Neiil, Midori, came out for the weekend and we had a great time at the pool. Jenn and Neil were here to do a photobooth at the Park MGM hotel, (their company).

While they were working, Midori and the kids and us went to Mandalay Hotel Aquarium Nice aquarium, had a shark reef where the sharks swim right over us. Lots of sharks!

While they were working, Midori and the kids and us went to Mandalay Hotel Aquarium Nice aquarium, had a shark reef where the sharks swim right over us. Lots of sharks!

Aurora Ember, 1 month old (-3 days)

Went out to see Aurora Ember just 3 days shy of of her 1 month birthday. Nicole was still off work so we we had some nice pictures done.