Sheep and Marmots - RMNP

Went to RMNP today, and got some great photos of the sheep. They were shedding their coats, so they looked really ‘sheared’.

We went up trail ridge, and saw the most awesome family of marmots. They are usually so skittish you can never get their picture since they run and hide. Luckily I had a 400 mm lens on my camera, so was able to get close up without being close up.


A great day - January 20, 2009

A new president elected, nice weather for the inauguration, and it was beautiful here, a balmy 65 degrees out here, so we went up to the Rocky Mtns to see what we could see - 


A bighorn sheep grazing in the grass -


a Magpie singing for us


about 15 or 20 bull elk hanging out -and a few wanting to fight

On the drive I told my 86 year old mom that it was reported that out of 8 years in office George Bush spent 3 full years either at Camp David or on his ranch in Crawford Texas on 'vacation'.  She replied "Good, imagine what more he could have done if he was working all that time"  Gotta love her! Here's a picture taken last year in Redondo Beach.


Thanksgiving turkey!


Well I took them today, so actually the Saturday after Thanksgiving, They were hanging out in a field when we were out and about today over off of Highway 7 in Brighton. Still pretty cool!  They were out in the open until the hawk (?) showed up and then they went into the brush to hide from it.

Rocky Mtn National Park

Went up to the RMNP today with Janis' parents - got snowed on a bit, saw a lot of elk and sheep.. had a good day!  Here's a couple of pictures


Aleuvial Fan water falls


Sheep Lake area - snowing up in the mtns


Nice blue bird taken with my 500mm lens (HANDHELD) forgot my tripod!  In fact did the waterfall blurring handheld too with a 500mm lens and at 1/30th sec.. 

Bighorn Sheep!

Up west of Golden, CO we saw about 25 sheep grazing near Clear Creek -  pretty cool to see them that close up - 


For more pictures go here -

They were kind of frightened of me moving around and they started running off - but they came back - seems they're there a lot (could see the path they take )   so will try to go back when have more time and can set up for some good shots.

Whale in Redondo Beach

We went over to look for dolphins on Saturday and saw a few of them over in Redondo, but over by Knob Hill there was a whale that was caught in the surf line.  We thought it was distressed and trying to beach itself but after about 45 min playing just outside the waves it went out into deeper water.   I had a lousy lens on my camera so didn’t get a good picture of it.  That is what happens when you only leave the house with only one lens..  :(


The house carpeting was put in this past week, and they fixed and stained the hardwood flooring.  We asked for pictures from the salesman but of course he didn't come through with any.   He's totally useless in that department.  When we first bought the house he said that they would take weekly pictures and when they did anything noteworthy they'd take pictures for us.  Well that happened TWICE without asking for them.  Now we have to beg for a friggin picture and then its only 1 picture.  I could see if there was 5' of snow on the ground and 15 out but its nice weather now.   

Rare hummingbird!

This is the very rare red throated hummingbird that was at Phil and Bobbys house on Saturday.  There is only one like it in the world.    Bird Watching Magazine will be calling any day now to make me their staff photographer.