Fun at Porter Ranch

Had a good day with the kids at Porter Ranch park. Ryan worked on his swings


Ryan stopped to smell the flowers


and together they had a ball on the slide.


Janis got baby time

and we got a nice family photo of the family


More Sophia photos

We left LA yesterday and had to come home. Jennifer and Sophia were able to come home from the hospital yesterday, so they needed to get some quiet time (until Ryan and Derek came home from school.

Luckily we were there when they left the hospital, and I got a a picture of Sophia in her fist car seat ride!

After they went home, we were going to drive out to Temecula to see Aurora, Susan, and Phil. Prior to that we stopped to eat at Bear Pit Restaurant on Sepulveda Blvd. in Mission Hills. Knowing that Neil was starving, I asked if they wanted a lunch order and we’d drop it off on the way out of town, They jumped at that, and Janis jumped at the chance to see the baby sleeping in her new swing.


I have a google album that I created and will update the album Frequently

Capacity Crowd!!

Jenn and Neil, Howard and Eryn, Kyle and Emi, all came out for the weekend, as Jenn, Emi, and Eryn were all going to the Brittany Speers Concert at the Palms Hotel.

Nice having everyone here, and wish they had more time.


Bobby and Phil with Ryan and Derek.

Jenn and Neil came out this weekend and Bobby and Phil were here, so they were able to spend time with the boys. Little did we know that this would be the last time Roberta would see the great grandkids. She passed away less than 3 weeks later from a massive stroke.