Bellagio Spring display

Went to the Bellagio Casino tonite, to see the fountains display, as it was supposed to be re; the Game of Thrones. Unfortunately it only lasted 2 weeks and we missed it as it closed yesterday.

Inside the Bellagio every quarter they have a real nice display. A Harvest display, a Christmas/holiday display, and the spring display, which was a Japanese display this year. Some beautiful flowers , tulips galore, and daisies and Irises.

Road trip to Nelson, NV

Janis and I went to Nelson, NV (by way of Searchlight, NV) today. We went to Searchlight which is about 45mi outside Henderson, NV, as we thought there was some good desert flower/cactus available. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything out there. I knew that Nelson, NV was on the way back from there, and I knew there was something there to see.

Nelson is 13 Mi off highway 165, and is a very nondescript place. Not a lot to see, or do. About 2 mi outside of town on the other side, is a mecca of old rusted out cars, trucks, and other items. A lot of cactus too, not in the flowering stage, but they were close, and we’ll come back in about 2 weeks and those should be be in full bloom.

The people that run the place also live on the property, A very unique place.

Here are some photos from today..

Travis First Communion - May 8, 2016

Travis had his first communion mass today, TL’s parents were able to come to it, which was nice. There wasn’t ability to take photos inside the cathedral, so only got photos at the reception.

It was tough to get down there to take photos, since we were in the process of moving and packing up etc., but I’m glad we were able to see this and them before we move away in a month (ish).

I photographed an angel today - NILMDTS

Today I had the honor of photographing an angel today. A beautiful baby boy who unfortunately was born full term but had already gone to heaven.

The baby’s father is in Afghanistan, serving our country on this 4th of July weekend, and if I wasn’t there to take photos of his precious baby boy, he’d not have anything to remember of his son.

I love my job and being able to give back to others.
Please support this worthwhile organization.


CASA Halloween photo event

Held a photography fundraiser for CASA 17 of Broomfield and Adams County over the Halloween weeekend. I’ve been a volunteer for CASA for three years and changed the lives of quite a few children in that time. (and myself).

We held our 2nd annual photo charity on Halloween night, only $2.50 for a photo of your child in front of our holiday decoration, and all the money goes to CASA. We raised over $100.00 for CASA. We worked on Friday night with the local Turnberry Elementary School doing the same fundraiser with 1/2 the proceeds going to the school and the other half to CASA. Got quite a few comments over the weekend about how they loved their photograph from last year and were looking forward to this years photograph.

One of the highlights of the night was when we were first setting up the display at the school, and a woman came up to me holding a small baby. (I was wearing my “MULLEN PHOTOGRAPHY” tshirt}, and she asked if I took photographs for NILMDTS (Now I Layh Me Down To Sleep). I said yes, and she starte-d crying and hugged me and said that I did her angel Alundra. She was holding a beautiful healthy baby girl, introduced me, and I told her it would be an honour to photograph her beautiful baby girl.

Crested Butte

Aug 10, 2014, We went to Crested Butte, one of our bucket list places in Colorado.  The flowers for the most part were already spent, but was still an awesome place to be. Here are some photos of the flowers that were there. 


After the Storm

We had a great thunderstorm yesterday, pretty much all day.  Had a tornado watch for about an hour, a LOT of hail (most that I've ever seen)  and great storm clouds.

Here's a few photos I took after the strorms stopped (in our area)


and a video of the hailstorm during the tornado watch.

WPPI - Vegas!

I'm in Vegas for WPPI for Vegas this week, just got through a 2 day lighting class with Claude Jodoin. It was a very good class and Claude really knows his stuff!


There were two models and did mostly shooting techniques, some of the stuff I already knew but nice to be reminded again of the Inverse Square Rule!!




Thanksgiving turkey!


Well I took them today, so actually the Saturday after Thanksgiving, They were hanging out in a field when we were out and about today over off of Highway 7 in Brighton. Still pretty cool!  They were out in the open until the hawk (?) showed up and then they went into the brush to hide from it.

First snow!

First snow of the year!   these were just some quick ones - didnt stay outside enuff for the camera to adjust to the cold ..


I have to go out and get some new tires for the SUV - can't even get up my driveway .. i didn;t realize they were so worn.. We hadn’t gotten all weather tires in California!