4th Spine Surgery - 10/30/14

Had my 4th spine surgery today. i retired from the police department due to numbness, weakness, and tingling in my left arm and hand. I went to Kerlan Jobe, who is the medical team that works for the professional sports teams. I had MRI’s in 1997 and they found out that my biceps tendon was 3/4 torn, and they thought that was causing the weakness. After having an arthroscopic debridement of the biceps tendon and physical therapy, they tried an acromiplasty resection of coracoacromial ligament. After doing physical therapy on that, my arm still didn’t get better On October 1, 1998, I was retired from the police department.

After retiring, I still had the issues with my left arm and hand, so I went to see the Spine doctor, Dr. William Dillon. He did MRI/CAT scan and said that the issues I had had nothing to do with my arm, but was due to my neck. I contacted the City insurance company and they basically said we retired you on your arm, go away. So I had 2 surgeries, in 20001, and 2002,