Sheep and Marmots - RMNP

Went to RMNP today, and got some great photos of the sheep. They were shedding their coats, so they looked really ‘sheared’.

We went up trail ridge, and saw the most awesome family of marmots. They are usually so skittish you can never get their picture since they run and hide. Luckily I had a 400 mm lens on my camera, so was able to get close up without being close up.


Rocky Mtn National Park - Elk and Foliage oh my!

Went up to Rocky Mountain National Park today to shoot some Elk - unfortunately there weren't a lot of elk to TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS of.   (All of you hunters shame on you for thinking I meant a gun!)

I did meet up with Scott Steinbook, who was fishing in the Big Thompson River.  I had to take a photo of him as I thought it will be a great cover for Field and Stream Magazine!!


I did get a few elk photos and some good foliage photos too


Hanging out in Lake Estes



I took this one while laying down in the middle of the road.


Its amazing what a good filter can do!  No photoshop here!


This is the other side of the Big Thompson River from where Scott was fishing.


Big Thompson River panorama

Janis’ friend Di came out for a visit, so of course we had to go to Estes Park.


Janis and Di

Panorama settings are 2.5 seconds @ F32, ISO 100.. I shot 4 pictures and stiched em together to get this nice panorama of the Big Thompson River.


 Bighorn sheep a plenty!

Rocky Mtn National Park

Went up to the RMNP today with Janis' parents - got snowed on a bit, saw a lot of elk and sheep.. had a good day!  Here's a couple of pictures


Aleuvial Fan water falls


Sheep Lake area - snowing up in the mtns


Nice blue bird taken with my 500mm lens (HANDHELD) forgot my tripod!  In fact did the waterfall blurring handheld too with a 500mm lens and at 1/30th sec..