Aurora came for a visit

November 24, 2018 Nicole and Justin came for a visit with Aurora. Phil was living with us at the time, so we got some nice photos of them together.. They came out for Thanksgiving weekend.

Welcome Aurora Ember!

Janis great niece Aurora Ember came into this world at May 31, 2018 @ 12:03 A.M. wearing 7 lbs, 10 oz, and 20 1/2 inches long. At first she didn’t have a name, Mommy Nicole and daddy Justin were very happy.




Nicole and Aurora


Justin’s family, Grandma Debra, Aunt Keely, and Grandpa Mike


Grandparents with Aurora


Janis with Grandma Susan


Tom and Janis with Aurora Ember

Nicole's baby shower

Nice time at Nicole’s baby shower and meeting Justin’s 100 family members. (I guess a few couldn’t make it!!)


Extreme Home Makeover, Phil Kontoff edition

Phil came back out to stay with us for about 6 weeks, as Nicole and Susan decided to give him a makeover, so there wouldn’t be a lot of Roberta memories. This is what they came up with, they did an incredible job.

Roberta Kontoff - 1928-2017

Just shy of her 90th birthday, Roberta passed away on April 9th She had a couple strokes in Las Vegas last week, and was able to travel so we took her back home to Temecula. She went into the hospital and had another more severe stroke and passed away peacefully.

She had a rough last couple of years with daily dialysis for failing kidneys.


Bobby and Phil with Ryan and Derek.

Jenn and Neil came out this weekend and Bobby and Phil were here, so they were able to spend time with the boys. Little did we know that this would be the last time Roberta would see the great grandkids. She passed away less than 3 weeks later from a massive stroke.

Happy 90th birthday Phil

Janis’ dad Phil Kontoff turned 90 years old today. Happy birthday Phil! (with Roberta Kontoff

California - Driving me crazy

We are in CA this week visiting Janis parents in San Diego.   Janis' uncle had 2 strokes so are driving her parents up to Cambria to see him.  Get to stay overnight on Madonna Inn Road  (not @ the Madonna Inn though) and then drive back home tomorrow, just to get in the car Saturday morning to drive to LA for the last Kings game of the season and then BACK down to San Diego to fly home on Sunday.

Did I mention I had a lot of driving to do? 303 miles up to Cambria and back = 606  and then SD to LA is 140x2 -280..  forget it my head is going to explode..

Bobby and Phil out here for awhile

Bobby and Phil are out here for awhile while Susan gets her house situated in Aguanga. Until the house closes and Phil and Bobby move in, they will be living with us. We did some trips out to Estes Park and to Lake Dillon with my mom. Some of the photos while they were here.


Phil and Bobby were eating at the breakfast nook and saw a fox come in. Bobby said oh look, a fox, and all of a sudden it grabbed up a rabbit and ran between the houses to where it lives across the street. It came back a bit later to again chase the rabbits. I got a photo of them and luckily was able to scare away the fox from getting another entree for her family.

Janis's cousin Linda passed away : (

Janis’ cousin Linda passed away tonite during surgery. After her sister passed away last year after my brother Steve, Eliot said everyone is getting a full medical. Linda came diagnosed with diabetes and started treating that. She came out here for a Dodger game in July and looked great! She was discovered with pancreatic cancer, and during surgery they tried removing it and they cut the artery.   She was such a beautiful upbeat person.   Here she is at Dodger/Rockies game on July 28th of this year.  She's in the blue Dodger jersey.  


Patrick, Kelsay, Linda, Drew, Michelle, Raye, Eliot, and Janis at the Dodgers/Rockies game July 28th

Eliot, Raye, Michelle, Robby,  and all of Linda’s family, we are so sorry for your loss.    

xo  Tom and Janis


What a great day in Castle Rock

What a great day we had.  We went to Janis' cousin Michelles' house who lives about 45 minutes from us in Castle Rock.   They had a BBQ and Patrick makes great ribs, we had a really nice time.  I took the camera down there and it was a good thing as they just got a new puppy and there isn’t anything cuter than a new puppy.   This s Goldie and Michelle and Janis.   It's so nice to have people here that we know, and we're not totally alone out here!  Between Janis' cousin and my nephew and his wife, its not like we're totally alone here! 


Oh and check out the view from their backyard,  that's why they call it Castle Rock.   Pikes Peak is behind Castle Rock.