Crazy week, Michael Vincent Guzman

What a crazy month!   My brother Steve dies on June 26th, we have the funeral June 30th, 

On July 8th a real good friend of mine, Vinny Guzman, who I hired to be a police cadet at the age of 19 and who became a great police officer died in a tragic boating accident.  

On July 14th they buried him, and on July 15th a co-worker of mine who retired 4 yrs before I did as a battalion chief, contracted a virus and it went to his heart and he was dead in two days. 

and then on Friday July 28th, my nephew Duane, who was my brother Steve's son, died suddenly in Phoenix at the age of 28.   

This is Duane with Bonnie and his younger brother Jeremy. 

You just don't know about these things.  They say God has a plan.  But sometimes you think that God is reading the plans upside down or something.