Dinner with TKB!

We had dinner with a partner of mine at ESPD.  Tim and I had so much fun working together. We just laughed while we arrested people!   

He was here in Vegas doing a kitchen remodel and we ate dinner together one night.  Was just like old times.  

I took my blood pressure when we got home and it was the lowest it has ever been. Janis said that Tim has to live with us!   



Retirement Party - Mitch Tavera

My academy partner and friend Mitch Tavera retired as Chief of Police and I went out to the party. It was great seeing a lot of co-workers and reminicing. Here’s an academy graduation picture of Mitch and I along with Chris Barrett, who was shot and paralyzed in the line of duty. I actually took Chris’s spot on the roster when he retired and I promoted from a PSO.

When the Northridge earthquake happened in 1994, There were 4 Sergeants from El Segundo living in Santa Clarita at the time. Al Graham, bottom right, was a motorcycle Sgt. and was enroute to work. In front of him was LAPD motor officer Clarence Wayne Dean,. At 4:31 A.M., the earthquake happened. Al was about 1/4 mile behind Officer Dean. The Newhall Pass on the I-14 freeway and the I-5 collapsed, and officer Dean unknowingly drove off the pass and died. Al knew it was a big earthquake, and turned around to check on his wife Marie and his daughter. That saved his life.

Since the pass was impassible, the 4 of us had to take the Metrolink train into work for about 5 months until they rebuilt the freeway. The local paper, the Signal, did an article in the paper about the 4 of us. We recreated the picture at the reunion. ,


Mike Mitchell’s outstanding art work


My buddy Scott Armstrong

4th Spine Surgery - 10/30/14

Had my 4th spine surgery today. i retired from the police department due to numbness, weakness, and tingling in my left arm and hand. I went to Kerlan Jobe, who is the medical team that works for the professional sports teams. I had MRI’s in 1997 and they found out that my biceps tendon was 3/4 torn, and they thought that was causing the weakness. After having an arthroscopic debridement of the biceps tendon and physical therapy, they tried an acromiplasty resection of coracoacromial ligament. After doing physical therapy on that, my arm still didn’t get better On October 1, 1998, I was retired from the police department.

After retiring, I still had the issues with my left arm and hand, so I went to see the Spine doctor, Dr. William Dillon. He did MRI/CAT scan and said that the issues I had had nothing to do with my arm, but was due to my neck. I contacted the City insurance company and they basically said we retired you on your arm, go away. So I had 2 surgeries, in 20001, and 2002,

Rambling thoughts, hands, work, etc.

Happy turkey day in 3 days.   My hand is feeling much better and the scar is getting better, but still numb and tingly.   The next surgery will be around Dec 3rd or so for the left hand.   Good thing I don't have any photo gigs coming up.   I wish I did but would really cramp my style to have to shoot totally one handed snce I couldn't hold the camera with 2 hands. 

My old boss is retiring. He actually retired last year but came back as a consultant for a year but is now officially retiring from being the chief of Police. He was a great guy to work with and very fair to you. If you screwed up you didn't want to have to go to his office as he was truly disappointed in you more than "oh good, I get to slam this yoyo!

The new chief hasn't been picked yet but its either one of two guys that I started with.  One was my academy partner.   Makes you wonder where I would have ended up if I would have not retired 8 years ago.   But I had a good time while I was there and never got really called into anyone’s office to get an ass chewing.   I didn't f'k up when I was a cop.  And we were one of the first police departments that had video cameras in the police cars so it would have been real stupid for any of us to have messed up and beat someone etc, as it would have been all over the news WAY before it became vogue to have that on the news every night.

I don't think I've ever been in a pursuit that was on the news either.  Another good thing about retiring before they start each 10 pm newscast with a pursuit of some sorts here in LA.


Crazy week, Michael Vincent Guzman

What a crazy month!   My brother Steve dies on June 26th, we have the funeral June 30th, 

On July 8th a real good friend of mine, Vinny Guzman, who I hired to be a police cadet at the age of 19 and who became a great police officer died in a tragic boating accident.  

On July 14th they buried him, and on July 15th a co-worker of mine who retired 4 yrs before I did as a battalion chief, contracted a virus and it went to his heart and he was dead in two days. 

and then on Friday July 28th, my nephew Duane, who was my brother Steve's son, died suddenly in Phoenix at the age of 28.   

This is Duane with Bonnie and his younger brother Jeremy. 

You just don't know about these things.  They say God has a plan.  But sometimes you think that God is reading the plans upside down or something.