A great day - January 20, 2009

A new president elected, nice weather for the inauguration, and it was beautiful here, a balmy 65 degrees out here, so we went up to the Rocky Mtns to see what we could see - 


A bighorn sheep grazing in the grass -


a Magpie singing for us


about 15 or 20 bull elk hanging out -and a few wanting to fight

On the drive I told my 86 year old mom that it was reported that out of 8 years in office George Bush spent 3 full years either at Camp David or on his ranch in Crawford Texas on 'vacation'.  She replied "Good, imagine what more he could have done if he was working all that time"  Gotta love her! Here's a picture taken last year in Redondo Beach.



Saw some nice bighorn sheep up past Golden, CO on the way to Blackhawk today.   Nice big rams!

Bighorn Sheep!

Up west of Golden, CO we saw about 25 sheep grazing near Clear Creek -  pretty cool to see them that close up - 


For more pictures go here -

They were kind of frightened of me moving around and they started running off - but they came back - seems they're there a lot (could see the path they take )   so will try to go back when have more time and can set up for some good shots.