The Buckinghams at the Golden Nugget.

Another 52 Friday’s show at the Golden Nugget Casino downtown. This was the Buckinghams, a 60’s rock group who had about 5 hits. Susan, Kind of a Drag, Mercy, Merck, Mercy, among others.

I hadn’t heard that they being from Chicago were famous for basically getting the group Chicago started. They brought them out to LA and got them signed to a record deal.

They played a lot of other groups songs, as they started as a cover band. They played with a trio horn section, Sax, Trombone and Trumpet, so they played a few songs from Chicago, Grass Roots, Gary Puckett, etc.

A very good show that lasted a lot longer than most 60s era bands, and for being in their 70s they sounded good,


This is from youtube, but shows their music and showmanship.