Sundance Head at Stoney's

We went to a concert tonight at Stoney’s Saloon, a country bar in Town Square. We’ve never been in there, so was looking forward to it.

Sundance Head was on the Voice and Blake Shelton was his coach. He ended up winning the Voice, and has a kind of Travis Tritt type of voice.

The venue is HUGE. We used to go to Grizzly Rose in Denver and it is similar but 3x the size. Much nicer in that you have room to move around. The dance floor is very large. They have 3 separate areas to hang out and still being able to hear the music.

Unfortunately, the music sound system has a lot to be desired. It was very hard to hear him as it was very muffled. Granted he has a gravely voice, but we’ll have to come back to see if it was just him or he sound system.

I was amazed at the dancing. They start a song, and then the do a line dance. The song ends, another song starts, and they do a different line dance. I’m thinking ‘how do they know which song goes with which dance?’ It seemed like there was about 5-6 different dances that they were doing. I know I don’t have any rhythm but I wished I had learned to line dance when I used to go to Denim and Diamonds back in CA when I was in my 20’s instead of just picking up girls.

We left early as the music was very hard to hear and we bought a beer and a diet coke and it was $9.00 so not the type of place to hang out all night at. I’d go back though to hear another band to see if it was just Sundance or the sound system in particular.


Sundance Head