Red Mountain Pass and Ouray, CO

One of the things I love about my job is going around to all the different police academies and administering the POST certification test, which allows the graduates to be certified and able to become a police officer in the state of Colorado. From December 7th through the 22nd every year, I’m away visiting all the academies and administering the tests. My longest drive away from Denver is when I do the POST test outside the town of Cortez, Colorado in the 4 corners and then drive to Grand Junction, Colorado.

I had to drive through the treacherous Red Mountain Pass for around December 19th every year. it was a bit crazy as icy roads and snow were all through the pass.  There actually is a avalanche chute going from the mountains on the right across the road into the ravine/canyon on the left of the road.

The Roads clear after getting through the pass,  and as I got to Ouray, Colorado the mountains were glorious.