Moving Saga

Well who said it was going to be easy. We had to move prior to our house closing in Colorado, as we had a 30 day escrow in Hawthorne. So it gave us a couple weeks to see some sights (Bryce/Zion/Arches National Parks, etc. We had to go to a Residence Inn in Thornton, CO for almost 2 weeks while the house was still in escrow. Luckily, the Residence Inn was next to a Chili’s and Hooters, so we were able to watch the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Sure got sick of Hooters hot wings though, and if this is the type of women they have working there, I’m not too impressed with Colorado. I thought there were a lot of mountains here!

The escrow ALMOST didn’t close on the house in Hawthorne. They had changed the regulations for buying houses, and they were more stringent on residency and employment requirements. The people in Hawthorne were hispanic, and they were getting a 100% loan (which they stopped allowing about an hour after our house finally closed. So it made for some stressful times. At the Colorado escrow office, they were about ready to close, and the paperwork still wasn’t coming through for finalization of the Hawthorne house, and being a Friday, they said that they would have to wait till MONDAY to close.

That wasn’t going to work, as the 3 pods and 3 helpers who were going to unload the pods were arriving tomorrow at 10 a.m.! We asked them to look one more time, so they went to the fax machine and the paperwork was there, so we were able to close on the house, and take key possession!!

We slept on the floor of the new house bedroom on the mattress pads and covers that we had bought as the beds in the Residence Inn were HORRIBLE. Made for a nice padding though for our first night in the house.

Around 3:30 AM we were awakened by a very loud train horn. I mean, it felt like it was in our back yard, and I asked Janis when did they put in the rail road tracks in our backyard? With all the times that I came out to see the house progress, I NEVER heard a whistle. I talked to one of the neighbors who said “oh it’s great, you don’t even hear them, and it makes you fall asleep.” SORRY but it doesn’t!!