Grand Canyon West Rim, Skywalk and Hoover Dam

Yesterday we decided to take a ride, and ended up at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon and sky walk.  This part of the Grand Canyon is on the Hualapai Indian Reservation.  Since it isn’t in the actual National Park, they could charge you whatever they want for “admittance” and $54.00 is what they decided!  It was $79.00 per person, which allowed you onto the sky walk and 2 stop points on the bus/tram. 

It was self guided, so you could spend as much time as you wanted to there. 

It took 2 1/2 hours to drive there (about 134 miles) and the sky walk was a bit (a lot) disappointing.  It didn’t seem nearly as big as on the photos that we’ve seen of it.  it was an hour wait to get into it.  You must locker all of your belongings (no water, cameras, cell phones, etc.)  They do have a photographer there that would be happy to take a photo for you for a charge. 

It was a ‘bucket list’ item, but I’d rather have spent the $139.00 for the helicopter ride through the canyon. 


Doesn’t look nearly this big!

Doesn’t look nearly this big!

On the way home we stopped off st Hoover dam. First time for Janis seeing it, so another bucket list item crossed off. I think it has been 40 years since I’ve seen it. It was right at Sunset so that was very nice.