Donny and Marie at the Flamingo Hotel

Janiis’ Hannakuh present was tickets to Donny and Marie and their residency (and 11 year run at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino), is finished in November. Marie has also signed on to be a co-host on the Talk TV show,starting in August, so we needed to hurry and see the show before it ran out.

A very nice show, the viewing was horrible. We had 2nd row balcony seats, and the ticket site did not say the tickets were NO VIEW seat, or that the seats were bar stools. Luckily, there were seats in row 1 (actual seats), so we quickly moved down there and had a great view of the show.

They each played for 30 minutes and then 30 thirty minutes together. A lot of the banter than they had on their television series.