Paul and Lisa wedding

Shot a beautiful wedding yesterday @ the Buffalo Run Golf Course in Commerce City. The Manager of Golf and head golf professional Paul Hebinck and his beautiful bride Lisa were married in an outside wedding. The rainman didn’t dampen the ceremony, and just a bit of inconvenience was had with a brief downpour while everyone was inside the gazebo. It made for some spectacular clouds which made this wedding photographer very happy!


Terri & Ken's Wedding

Here is a slideshow of Terri & Ken's wedding last weeekend in Cape Cod.  It was a beautiful wedding, and other than the wind and rain, couldn't have been better.   We got a lot of great photographs outside before the floodgates opened up.



They are a great couple, and I had a great time shooting their wedding! 

The wedding was held at the beautiful Lighthouse Inn in East Dennis, Mass.

Heading out to Massachusetts

Heading out to Cape Cod for a wedding shoot!  My first "destination" wedding!!  I would love to do more of these so anyone that wants to get married anywhere in the world, lets talk about it!  I'm willing to travel and my location fees you'll see are very reasonable!! 

After the wedding heading up to MAINE/New Hampshire area to look for foliage and MOOSE!  

We do have moose here in the rockies and have taken some photos of moose but would rather see it in the east coast with some foliage sprinkled in.  Colorado foliage just isn't the same thing.. 

Bunnies and foxes don't mix!

I was taking pictures of bunnies in the backyard about 1/2 hr ago - they are so cute..


There must have been 10 of them just on the grass outside my window.   And then there were about 3, as the other 7 hightailed it .. and then I saw what made them run.


Its just a baby.. not the same one that I saw the other week..


This is what happens when bunnies get tunnel vision I guess..  luckily I rapped on the window and scared the fox away before he got any of them..

Greg and Charlotte Green wedding

Congratulations Greg and Charlotte Green!   They got married today in Rancho Cucamonga and it was a great wedding!   An excellent band, great food, and very nice people, what more can you ask for.

Here's a collage of some of the photos-  

The band that played there was incredible.  The Answer to Classic Rock..  They played everything from the 60's to the 2000's.  Country, rock, they play a killer Eagles, Barry White, Beatles..  Greg and Charlotte were lucky to get them as they are always booked, and Charlotte said they had to postpone the wedding until the band was available. 

They play all over the inland empire of Southern California.  Check out their website at  and click on the calendar link to check out where they are playing near you.  I'd highly recommend going to see them at one of their outdoor concerts in the park.

Wedding of Tamara and Josh, AKA Clark/Lane IE Super Couple!

Had a great wedding to shoot on Saturday. Tamara Clark and Josh Lane..  so it is the marriage of Lane/Clark.. They should have wore superman outfits ..   (just kidding but you had to have thought of that too)

Had a great time shooting the wedding and meeting the whole family.  Check out the expression on this girl.. She's a natural model!

You need to be in pictures!

To see more photos please go to and click on Clark wedding and put in the password that was given to you!