Grandkids in Vegas!

Grandkids came out for a visit as Jenn came out to see Cher in concert. Sophia is 5 mo old in6 days.


Sophia age 5mo

Derik is getting so grown, talking much better, and is such flirt.




Nana and the grandkids


Ryan and Sophia

It was a good visit, 3 whole days, which is a lot for them, since they are working so hard. They got barck home on Saturday night, and spent the day on Sunday with Bert and Selma at the beach. Monday was first day officially of the new year of school, even though they’ve been going to preschool all summer.

Its still worth a photo, which Jenn shared with us.


Happy Father's Day

Father’s day is always about the US Open to me. Watching it with my daughter Jenn every year is a tradition we’ve done forever.

My father in law Phil Kontoff is here for awhile. He’s 93, and slowing down a lot. He’s not interested in most anything except staying warm, so he spends a ot time outside in the Las Vegas heat.


Happy Father’s Day Phil

The other father I’m glad is in my life is my son in law Neil. He’s a great dad, works a ton of hours, still has time for his boys, and has given me a great gift, three beautiful grandchildren.


Happy Father’s day Neil

My dad passed away in 1993 at the age of 64. He didn’t do a lot with us. Having many heart attacks in his life, he wasn’t much for throwing the ball around. He spent a lot of time at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Redondo Beach. On Saturday he’d hang out at the Knights and bartend. I’d go down a log of Saturday’s and learn how to shoot pool, or use it as a starting point to go ride my bike from Redondo Beach up and around PV, or over to the Redondo Beach pier.

He was a good father, and always laughing and smiling, and with his medical issues, says something about his character.

Being a father to me means everything to me. I have one of the best daughters. She’s a great business woman, a great mother to three beautiful kids, and a great daughter.

She learned how to laugh from me, integrity from me, hard work, and how to enjoy life.

Jennifer made me a great dad, and I couldn’t have done it without her!!


Happy Father’s day to me!

Fun at Porter Ranch

Had a good day with the kids at Porter Ranch park. Ryan worked on his swings


Ryan stopped to smell the flowers


and together they had a ball on the slide.


Janis got baby time

and we got a nice family photo of the family


I photographed an angel today - NILMDTS

Today I had the honor of photographing an angel today. A beautiful baby boy who unfortunately was born full term but had already gone to heaven.

The baby’s father is in Afghanistan, serving our country on this 4th of July weekend, and if I wasn’t there to take photos of his precious baby boy, he’d not have anything to remember of his son.

I love my job and being able to give back to others.
Please support this worthwhile organization.



Senior portraits

I took some senior portraits on Monday.   They came out pretty good, a lot of great models.  It wasn't an actual paying gig, but there were 5 models to shoot from, all day event hosted by Jill Bailey up at her studios in LaSalle, CO.   Professional Photographers of Colorado  put it on, must have been 35 photographers up there invading that poor little town..

Travis @ 4mo old

Sunday I had a session with Travis @ 4 months.  He is getting so big and such a personality now!!  Amazing how he went from this, @ 1 day old,


 to this @ 2 1/2 months old


to this guy @ 4 months old!

Travis_4mo_0011 copy

If you are having a baby and want to get 5 sessions @ birth, 2 1/2 months, 4 months, 8 months and a year, and get a free Italian made, fine art coffee table book for free, please email me to find out how!

He's getting so big and getting cuter every time I see him!   I can't wait to take pictures of him again!