Billy Ray Cyrus at the Orleans

Went to see Billy Ray Cyrus at the Orleans. I had seen him at the Orleans around 1993 with Irene and Jennifer, who was about 9. The stage is set up with a high front, and after the show he came back out and sat down and talked with the audience and signed autographs and just hung out for about 30 minutes. First time I’d ever seen that and thought it was very cool.

His opening act was a newcomer Derek Jones, and he sang about 4 songs and sounded really good. We were sitting 3rd row and the sound system was really good, and he sang well. He asked if we were excited to see Billy Ray Cyrus, and then BRC came onstage and just started playing. Derek Jones stayed out and played guitar for 2 songs and then left.

After the show, I told Janis, and she thought so too, that we were watching A Star is Born.. Billy Ray Cyrus hasn’t really done much in a LONG time (in my opinion) other than birthing Miley Cyrus, and it felt like A Star is Born, as he seemed intoxicated. He didn’t stagger around the stage, but he kind of shuffled his feet and was unsure of his step it seemed.

His voice is gone. He now sings about 3 octaves lower, and sounds awful. To me, it just reminded me of a has been. We saw George Strait last winter, and heck he’s 60 and still sounds the same. Billy Ray needs to go out to pasture I think.

We walked out and didn’t see if he sat on the stage or not, and didn’t hear Achy Breaky Heart. Some times, you’ll just have to hold onto a memory.

Good thing the tickets were free. I did like the Lady Gaga that he was showcasing though!