4th Annual (and last) Casa Halloween charity photo shoot

Mullen Photography held our 4th annual Charity Photography Halloween drive on Halloween night.  Approximately 60 4x6 photos were given out with a small donation to CASA.. It isn’t a big donation, but we offset it with a donation of our own.

Many neighbors come out to get a photo taken on our photo set, and state that they look forward to coming every year. (it would be nice if they actually came back for a paying session, which in 4 years of doing this, has only happened once. This is why this will be the last of the Halloween shoots.

1) It isn’t helping the business grow
2) It’s a heck of a lot of work, time and effort to get the hay bales and props.
3) It’s my birthday, and I’d rather spend it doing something fun on my birthday, and not “work my tale off”