Back from Cambria, Uncle Eliot


Well we had a real nice time in Cambria visiting with Elliot and Rob.  We got to Cambria just in time too as Robbie called when we were turning on the street to the hospital saying Elliot was being released right then.  So we got there to basically take him out to the car and drive up to Elliots house in Cambria.   Our hotel rooms that we rented was in San Luis Obisbo near the hospital and the Madonna Inn, so we quickly cancelled that room and tried getting a hotel room covered with our 'points' near Cambria, but they didn't have any available.  It was spring break week up there so a hotel near the ocean was not going to be cheap.  Luckily Rob works as an auditor in one of the hotels so we were able to get the employee rate for 2 rooms (one was ocean front!)  so that was real nice. 

Saw lots of California poppies on the road driving up there, but not a lot of wildflowers yet.  Probably bout a month too early. With all the driving didn't get to play golf. 


Janis took this when I slowed down on the side of the road - great shot Janis!

On the way home from Cambria we stopped at Casa De Carlos, where Janis' family has been eating for 40+ years.  It was Phil's birthday on Friday so for his birthday dinner we took him there after a 5 hour drive from Cambria.  The owner now (son of the original owners) was there which was a nice surprise as Larry usually works at the Chatsworth location instead of the the Woodland Hills location which was down the street from Janis' family house when they lived there.


 By the time we got back from Woodland Hills and dinner which started @ 8:45pm, we got back to Solana Beach at 12:20 am!