Colorado Foliage

Janis had been sick for the past week, since we've gotten back from Vegas, and we're leaving on Saturday for Los Angeles, so we were running out of time to go shoot foliage before it left us.   We drove west to RIFLE, which is about 230 miles from home, and stopped at the Rifle Falls State Park, which has 3 waterfalls cascading down a cliff.


then we stopped over by Eagle River and took some photos near Eagle, CO


The Eagle River


Same scene with the infrared camera.


Janis found a squirrel that was hanging precariously on a branch and while I was trying to change lenses to get

a good photo of it, the squirrel moved down the branch to basically try to conceal itself from me.


The foliage was better this year than last year when we went to Aspen, but that was later in the year.  Next year

we're going to have to do more than a 1 day trip, that was a lot of driving today!

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