Bowling League

Janis and I joined a bowling league in October.  It ran thru Thanksgiving week and then picked back up 3  weeks ago.  They have a nice break over the holidays.  Janis didnt want to bowl as she's not bowled in over 20+ years and I haven't either in about 10, but we're having fun.  Janis average was about 100 for the longest time but  2 weeks ago bowled a 161 in a game and beat Tim and I.  She was shocked as she's never bowled that high.  Well tonite she did it again, bowled 148 and then a 161 game and hit most every first ball in the pocket.  It could have been much higher as she tapped every frame and should have been getting more strikes than she did.   She did have 3 in a row though. 

I bowled great the first game, had 2 open frames and bowled a 215.. should have been about 238 easily.. Its nice to bowl though with good people, have met quite a few real nice people in this league.  Mark and Pam (our contractor friend)  is the one that invited us to the league he is the president of the league.  My average is 173 in this league.