Arches National Park

For some reason I can't edit the post below - I'm on slow laptop in a hotel room - oh well - anyway I was going to say that there was a woman on top of the rock already, and another girl Here are some pictures of the arches that we took pictures of -

Landscape Arch

Landscape arch

Landscape Arch

landscape arch

Window Arch


More pictures can be seen at my other site.

Tomorrow we leave for Denver area - our walk thru is on Friday, w e want to get there by Thurs so we can check out the house prior to the actual walk thru. Our house in Hawthorne STILL hasn't closed yet, they are going to sign documents tomorrow supposedly, so if that’s the case we may get funding on Friday.. I sure hope so.

Just was watching a special on the Virginia tech shooting incident - tragic.. One bad thing about travelling, you get so out of touch with what is going on in the world. We don't really get the news or anything until we're back in the hotel room at 9ish at night and are tired from the day so just go to bed usually (after checking out the hockey playoff scores)