Arches National Park, wow what a lot of rock!

We drove from Bryce Canyon to Arches/Moab yesterday - about 280 miles, and about 140 of them was in a severe thunderstorm. It was SOOO bad - Most of the time we were the only ones on the road. Janis was laughing as I removed my watch and took my Sidekick phone from between my legs to the center console. It was so bad at one point that we went under an underpass and stayed there for about 10-15 min as the rain and lightning was so hard.

We went to Arches last nite after we got there, but it was really cloudy since there was still rain/lightning in the air. So we changed our hotel to stay over another night so we could see it in better weather as today was supposed to be sunny out. So we got there today and spent the day checking out all the arches.  In the garden of the Gods we saw two girls climbing Owl Rock. I took a lot of pictures of them which is posted here - It was real interesting watch them climb it with all the ropes and such. One girl was already on top and the other girl starting to climb it. I'd love to have seen how the first one got up w/o any of the ropes and stuff. I've never seen anyone climb in person before so it would have been interesting to see how they did it - I put a card in their car saying that I took some good pictures so if by chance they are reading this, you can contact me by the weekend as I'll be in Denver cause we're in the process of moving to our new house out there. The collage is just a sample of some of the pictures that I took of them.