Goodbye Los Angeles, Goodbye Milt.

Goodbye Los Angeles, is that the sequel to Goodbye Columbus??     We packed up the 2 houses, we're in our car and driving to Colorado.  We're staying overnight in beautiful (NOT) downtown Hesperia - just couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore - Janis is already asleep,  Tomorrow is Vegas,   The granite still hasn’t been resolved, but they are working on it..  (uugh)  That sounds so promising.    We're going to Vegas tomorrow and then on Sat/Sun go to Bryce and Zion..

I broke my little toe, I was moving  a bike that was blocking the pod over at my moms place and the owner had a 5 or 10 lb wt on the bike cover to hold it down or whatever, and when I picked up the bike the weight fell on my little toe of the right foot. It is all bloody and swollen...  OUCH..   That will screw up the golf game!   Not to mention walking all over Bryce and Zion should be loads of fun..

We had stopped in Palm Springs on the way out of California, as our Friend Milt is in the hospital and declining, so we wanted to see him again before he passes. Was a nice visit and he was lucid and seemed appreciative of us coming over. Here’s a picture of him taken at his 91st birthday party last year.