The granite is in - but is it our granite??

Janis and I went to Colorado in October and picked out the granite piece for our house -  the most amazing piece with so much movement and color.


This is what we picked out - and this is a picture they sent of our Island.  No way was that from the piece of granite we picked out.


this piece has movement and fissures, and looks nothing at all like this.  No way are we going to accept this granite. 

We're packing up the pods and they are coming to take them away on Monday and then we go pack up mom's stuff and then leave for Colorado on Thurs the 12th.   We've got a couple reservations in Bryce and Arches National Park which I've never seen, hopefully the weather cooperates and there isn't a lot of snow (or the place is closed)  We've not even checked if its open..  geesh I should probably do that!