Back to work I go

Well its back to work for me - I start back tomorrow morning -  Now if I could just get some photography biz going so I don't have to go back to real work it would be nice.  

It’s only a 2 day week though as I work Thurs/Fri and then its off to Denver.  They are putting in the cabinets they said last week, so hopefully with this snow they had yesterday and Monday it didn't slow them up.  We're going out there from Saturday until Monday to see the house and the progress.  Janis hast been out there in a while so will be good to have her see it.

It is fortunate that I work for a great boss and organization, but also that coincidentally I had these 2 carpel tunnel surgeries and had the time off to take to go out for construction. Actually I didn’t have the time off to take for most of it, I had to do leave without pay.