The weather in Colorado - (and we don't even live there yet!)

Well I guess its true - Since Monday the temps have been in the high 40's in Colorado - still cold at nite but at least its warming up enough during the day to where they are putting in the driveway this week and they couldn't do that because the ground was frozen.  They said that they have to dig out 16" of the dirt in the driveway, then they lay down this blanket, and then pour the concrete on that.  I sure wish they would lay down this instead!


Heated driveway system!  No shoveling of snow necessary. We even asked (seriously) about it, and they said that we can’t do anything to the house as we may fall out of escrow, etc. I told them that is ridiculous, as if we fell out of escrow, that just means that the next owners get a free heated driveway.