Back from Colorado

I went out to Colorado yesterday for the day.  620 am flight from LA and returned on the 735pm flight from Denver.   I sure am glad Im not in a business where you have to do this all the time, I sure was tired last nite.  



The snow is melting, at lease for now, as it was 54 degrees when I was there.  Denver is supposed to get more snow this weekend, on the radio they said that they thought it wasn't going to snow this weekend, the first weekend in five without any snow, but they said that there is a little bit of snow coming Sat nite/Sun morning. 

They took a tractor and scraped the backyard as they want the ground to thaw and tried to expedite it, as they still need to put in the deck off the upstairs bedroom.  (similar to the house on the left which is our model).  It worked as the ground was thawing out, but I realized something else - when snow melts it creates MUD!  I got stuck in the backyard as the mud was up to the ankles.  I lost my balance and fell forward so i was covered from ankle to knee in mud.  I had to go to Target and buy a new pair of pants and shoes as I couldn't go on the plane looking like that.  It was kinda funny actually.   Glad that I at least protected the camera so I didn't ruin my $600.00 lens that I had on the $2500 nikon camera.

They fixed the dining room and put in the french doors.  Here is what it looks like.Otherwise its a totally open room