They said the snow never sticks!

Everyone we talked to said the same thing -  it snows but 3 days later its warm and all the snow melts.

Well here's 3 weeks later..They're still waiting to start dry walling the inside..  They had to re-do a room that was supposed to have 2 french doors in it and they didn't have any doors on the walk thru.  (room was wide open).  So after going back and forth with them they put in the french doors in the living room/studio, didn't cost us anything as they said previously it came that way, and now we're back on tract.

Dry walling is next.  We are having a recirculating water heater system, so basically you can be in the dead of winter and have hot water in the shower instantly, which will save all the 'waiting till the water gets hot'. Since Colorado is on a drought and rations water, we thought that would be good for the environment and pay for itself in the first year we live there.   Only problem is our house was the first house in the development/city that had put that in so the city building inspectors took their time to approve it as they weren't sure what it was/did.