Colorado update

Went to Colorado Sunday and Monday to do a walk thru inspection of the electrical and all before they start dry walling.  The place is starting to look pretty good!   We met with the low voltage company who puts in the wiring and cat 5 cable and surround sound speakers etc.   They also put in the vacuum system that we're going to have since the house is so freeking big and I don't want to drag a vacuum cleaner around so instead will just be dragging a 30' vacuum hose!  (that doesn't seem to be 'better' now that I think about it!)  

The electrical only had a few mistakes but the biggest mistake was a shower where there should have been a bath tub and a bathtub where there should have been a shower.   So the head foreman called his plumbers and they came and within about 45 min it was all switched out and framed.   That is totally awesome - I can't believe how fast they work. 

One of the things that we needed to change or have them be made aware of was the study downstairs We had a study off the entryway and we converted it to a bedroom (so my mom could stay there or if she decides not to move out Janis' folks, etc..  So if you make the study a bedroom then you lose the 2 french doors and the living room now becomes a study.   So we went there and there were no french doors or walls to attach french doors to.   So we asked about it and it was like 'gee I dunno" .    The sales person in the model homes told us that it happens automatically if you convert the study to a bedroom but the construction foreman doesn't think so.    It better be as I want my french doors.   You pay about $4500 for the conversion of the study to a bedroom and on top of that you lose french doors? .


WE left on Monday night at 6 p.m. and on Wed (yesterday) they had a blizzard in Colorado.  So we got out in time, but I would love to see what the house looks like with 22" of snow on it..