Went to Colorado over the weekend.

I went to Colorado over the weekend to check up on the house and take some pictures.  It was so clear on Saturday when I left.  One good thing about Santa Ana's -  Sure clears up the smog.

When I landed it was 28 degrees, by 7 p.m., it was 9 degrees.  That was a bit chilly.   Good thing the heater worked great in the rental car and the hotel room.  On Sunday it warmed up to about 32 degrees.   Didn't really need a jacket actually, long sleeve shirt was fine.   Went over to the house to check out what was going on with it.   It felt so much like the home in Torrance,  There were 2 pigeons that were living in the roof/rafters and the roof was leaking (well it didn’t help that there weren't any windows on the 2nd floor installed yet)  


siding and windows are being finished today - the roof is going to be started on Wednesday!


Theres a little bit of snow in the house.   These windows were installed, but there were some in the next room that weren't yet. This is the house with the siding up.  They replaced the door that was not supposed to be there and put in a window.


The backyard covered in snow. 


I found out there are casinos in Colorado (not indian casinos, but state run)  About 45 minutes from the house up in the Rockies at about 8000 ft in a town called Blackhawk and Cedar City, an old mining town.  They have slots and poker and blackjack (didint see any roulette or craps or Pai Gow though)  Isn't Vegas but its a lot closer!

Talked to the construction foreman today to find out the time table.  Initially they said that the house would be ready to be dry walled about 1/1/07, so we made our plans to go out about 1/5 to do the walk thru and pick ou the granite slab.   Well now he says that the house will be finished dry walled by 1/1/, so we have to go out sooner.    He says that it will be electrically all completed by 12/20.. so we have to go out 12/18 -12/19 to do the walk thru inspection to make sure everything is where we want it (all the cam lights and stuff that we ordered extra for the wall cutouts, etc.   We had already made reservations to go out 1/5  but I guess that weekend will be changed or we'll just go out to see the progress after we go out 12/18.   It changes so fast!    The right side of the house didnt have any siding yesterday, I went there today and its all done and they have all the windows in already.    The foreman said that they will start roofing on Wed, and that they will pour the cement in the back yard for the small patio and once they do that they'll start putting in the deck that we ordered.  Oh, the deck view that we have -  well check this out


You probably cant make it out too well but the white stuff on the horizon are the rocky mtns -  so the deck view is this - can't wait to fire up the marguritas and watch the sunset over the rockies..