Kings win!

Kings win!  beat the stinkin sharks 4-2.  Frolov finally got his act together (only took him 3yrs)  but he finally played up to his capabilities. 

Dustin Brown is a stud.   Six hits, a goal, and the kid is only 21. 


Anze Kopitar is the next Gretzky.  He's the only player that I've seen in a long time (well since Ovechkin and Crosby last year)  that you get on the edge of your seat when he has the puck as you know he is going to do something magical with it.  If he ever had good line mates then he'd REALLY be good but Crawford puts him with basically everyone as he's triple shifting him out there.

PS -  Frolov has had 2 goals in 3 straight games and has played like he has always had the capability of.