Vegas weekend - Frozen Fury 9

Went to Vegas this weekend - Frozen Fury 9 which is the annual Kings game at the MGM grand arena is always this weekend, and we go every year.  Next year we'll be coming from Colorado which will be wierd as we won't be driving as Colorado to Vegas is about 600 miles.  

We went to see LOVE, the new Cirque du Soleil show at the Mirage hotel.  It was inspired by George Harrison who was friends with Cirque's founder and said they should do a show with Beatle Music as the theme.  It was great (great sound, sets, etc) but not great if you are more of a cirque fan of the acrobatics/theatrics.  "O" is still the best in the cirque genre except I really like Mystere too (the music is awesome in that show.

Frozen fury was great - Kings won with 52 seconds left, I was 2 rows from the class and had great view of the goal that won the game.